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Setting Twitter Goals: A Quick Guide to Advanced Analysis

If you’ve moved beyond basic social media tactics to more advanced campaigns and strategies, you can’t afford to keep measuring and analyzing your activity at a basic level.

Your measurement strategy needs to grow with your tactics, but this can be difficult to do without knowing how you should be focusing your efforts.

As an expert, you know you can’t afford to exclusively focus on basic KPIs anymore. You need to develop a more advanced measurement strategy, and that starts with defining your goals.

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There are many goals you can focus on.

If your company is focused on customer service, you’ll care about different types of measurement and analysis than you would if you were trying to drive traffic to your online catalog or content marketing programs. This requires a different set of metrics, a different set of goals, and a different area of focus.

If you’re focused on driving site traffic, you’ll care about conversion metrics, and a more traditional marketing funnel that will resonate with the other demand generating parts of your marketing team.

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Marketers focused on driving website traffic from Twitter will want to focus on conversion metrics and how they can inform future decisions.

The ability to understand how activity on Twitter drives impressions, reach, and ultimately, visits to your site can be imperative to a marketer. But this is only valuable if that’s your goal. You may be more concerned with driving meaningful conversations with your customers and providing useful support to encourage engagement. If that’s the case, your focus will be much different.

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Twitter marketers focused on customer service will be more concerned with metrics that help them track and evaluate their ability to respond to, and help customers and users.

Focusing on response times and response rates to inbound mentions can be helpful to a customer service organization, but if you aren’t focused on addressing each inbound Tweet, these metrics can also be distracting.

As a marketer, it’s important to have clearly established goals that dictate not only the tactics you use, but the way you measure the success of those tactics.

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