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Simply Measured Adds Post Images to Reports to Fuel Your Analysis

Simply Measured’s reports just got more visual.

Today, we introduced post images into three of our most popular reports, making your visual analysis easier and your shared reports more stunning. And more are on the way!

1/9/2015 Update: Today, we introduced post images into seven more reports, bringing the total number to 10. Updated reports include Cross-Channel Social Performance, Facebook Competitive, Twitter Competitive, Facebook Multiple Channel Analysis, Twitter Multiple Channel Analysis, Twitter Activity, and Twitter Activity with Sentiment. More to come!

1/27/2015 Update: We’ve added one more report to the list: the Klout Influencers and Advocates Report. Look for more updated reports in February!

Starting today, you’ll see images for your Top 10 Posts by Total Engagement in our Instagram Hashtag, Instagram Competitive, and Multiple Instagram Channel Analysis reports.

Screenshot 2014-12-18 15.13.27
Here’s a preview of what post images will look like in reports. Your report will show all 10 of your highest performing posts.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also incorporate images into 11 more Simply Measured reports, including our account reports, competitive, multi-channel, and more.

This visual incorporation is important for two reasons:

1. Content Analysis

Post images are an important tool to help with your visual analysis. While visual analysis is more qualitative than traditional types of social performance measurement, seeing your top performing posts side-by-side will help you identify trends to support the optimization of future content.

2. Reporting

These images will also help you highlight your team’s successes more easily. To share with your stakeholders, simply select “Email Report” at the top of the Web Viewer. They can then review performance from the entire reporting period, including your creative efforts.

Keep an eye on our weekly customer newsletter to stay up-to-date as this is rolled out to more reports. If you have any questions or would like the full list of reports, connect with your Account Manager today.

Looking For Comparisons?

Want to see what other top social marketers are doing on visual networks like Instagram? Our full Q3 2014 Instagram study is available to download for free by clicking the button in the graphic below. See how your brand stacks up to the best in the world!

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