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Simply Measured Inducted Into Plugged In: Gnip’s Partner Program

gnip_logo_light_pngToday, Gnip announced the inclusion of Simply Measured in the Plugged In to Gnip Partner Program, an initiative designed to recognize industry leaders that are committed to building their solutions on reliable, sustainable, and complete access to social data.

What does this mean for Simply Measured? It marks a continued partnership with Twitter, who recently acquired Gnip, and gives us the historical data needed to get new customers up and running faster, see relevant trends for events/crisis situations and helps out with our own internal research.

Simply Measured utilizes Gnip’s Search API functionality to get immediate access to 30 days of historical data on Twitter. Through this partnership, we’re able to provide our customers with enough past information to really dig into the trends and insights that matter to them.

Benefits for New Customers

Access to historical data provides crucial information from all points on the Simply Measured lifecycle. New customers will now be able to backfill important social data, giving them a head start on analyzing the types of reports they’ll see in the future. They instantly get a more completely picture of the data they care about and see more immediate value from the product.

Breaking News

When events occur – whether internal or external – Simply Measured clients can track them, even if they didn’t have a data collection already set up. This functionality means they’re less likely to miss out on insights and key triggers and facilitates a deeper understanding of the situation.

Education and Thought Leadership

The Gnip partnership allows our awesome blog team to research topics and events that are important to the greater social media audience through daily posts, guides and white papers. The team uses it daily to analyze topics to create both breaking news and longer-lead content.

For more information on the partnership announcement, or the Gnip Plugged in Partner Program, please visit or view the Simply Measured-Plugged In case study HERE.

Ashley Ennis

Ashley is Simply Measured’s brand and communications manager. In her free time, she enjoys boxed wine, wedding planning, and frolicking with her pup, Griffey.

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