Simply Measured Partners With ExactTarget For New HubExchange App Marketplace

Simply Measured Partners With ExactTarget For New HubExchange App Marketplace

HubExchangeToday, ExactTarget launched their new “HubExchange” – an app marketplace made specifically for digital marketers.

Simply Measured has partnered with Exact Target as one of the launch partners and featured apps within the innovative new marketplace.

“This is a very natural partnership for us,” said Simply Measured CEO Adam Schoenfeld. “ExactTarget is a great SaaS tool for marketers looking to communicate and connect with customers through email, mobile, and social media. Simply Measured helps marketers measure, analyze and quantify those efforts across their social networks and website. Pairing the software puts a powerful and comprehensive tool set at any digital marketer’s fingertips.”

ExactTarget customers are now able to access the Simply Measured app in HubExchange, directly within the Interactive Marketing Hub.

App screenshot

HubExchange will allow ExactTarget customers to make informed, data-driven decisions by pairing Simply Measured reports and analysis with their publishing, engagement, and marketing automation campaigns.

To learn more about how Simply Measured will compliment your current ExactTarget campaigns, join us for a webinar Wednesday at 10AM ET as we take a walk through the our app for ExactTarget’s HubExchange launch week.

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