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Simply Measured’s Top Tweeters of 2012

Simply Measured’s Top Tweeters of 2012

As we ring in 2013, it’s important to focus on what led to our successes in 2012.

At Simply Measured, part of that has meant using our Twitter analytics reporting tools to get a comprehensive look at our own activity and that of our Twitter community.

While we’ve gained a lot of great insight about what we’ve done well and what we need to work on, our favorite part has been looking at our most engaged followers, and how they interacted with Simply Measured in 2012.

One of the biggest keys to any success we’ve seen in the last year has been the amazing support of our friends and customers. We’re incredibly lucky to have these people in our corner. With that in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to say “thank you” and give some awards to our most active and supportive Twitter friends.

The Simply Measured Twitter Awards

1. The “Smoothest Man Alive” Award: @davidhoang. With 47 mentions of @simplymeasured, David is our most active Tweeter, and while that could easily merit a “Most Engaged Follower” award, but after this Tweet (and remembering all his postcards hanging on the office fridge), we realized that he deserves so much more.

2. The “Kindred Geek Spirit” Award: @kristy. Kristy mentioned @simplymeasured 45 times in 2012, and was one of our biggest supporters. After looking through her tweets, this one (and several others) made us realize that she’s as big of a data geek as we are…and we dig that.

3. The “Awesome Advocate” Award: @mattarevalo. Matt has mentioned @simplymeasured 41 times over the last year, but he didn’t stop there. Matt shares his Simply Measured love in real life, and – as this tweet shows – places similar to real life.

4. The “Perfect Movie Reference” Award: @matthewknell. With 27 mentions, Matthew joins our list of top supporters. He’s known as the “Brad Pitt of Analytics”…okay that might not be true…but it should be.

5. The “Good Taste” Award: @NateSpees. Nate mentioned @simplymeasured 26 times in 2012, but more importantly, he has great taste in scotch.

Thank you all for your support in 2012, there were so many more people than we could list here. We’re working hard to make sure you stay this excited about analytics in 2013.

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Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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