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Simply Summer Social Awards Contestant #1: The Honda #Cheerance Event

Simply-Summer-Awards-BlogWhich brands won summer 2014 on social? You get to choose. 

From now until September 24, we’ll be blogging about five brand’s killer summer campaigns, according to four social influencers and our very own CEO.

You can vote by clicking the button at the end of each blog post, which will send a Tweet detailing your choice from your Twitter handle. We’ll use those Tweets and our software to keep track of your votes.

Votes will be tallied in real time right here, so you can check in on the award standings whenever your heart desires. There’s no limit to the amount of brands you can vote for, so be sure to check in with the blog regularly to see who’s being featured and what #winning looks like.

The Honda #Cheerance Event

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.14.43 AMWe’re kicking off the awards by profiling Honda’s #Cheerance campaign chosen by leading social influencer Lilach Bullock:

Honda’s #Cheerance campaign went all out this summer, using memes, surprise gifts, videos and, of course, social media to give the promotion the lift it needed. The blend of offline-events, such as Cheerance Detector or the Stand Here for Cheer, and social media made this campaign both successful and innovative.

Bullock’s estimation of the campaign fits well with Senior Manager at American Honda Motor Co. Susie Rossick’s campaign goals of spreading “silly and wonderful morsels of cheer across social media,”creating “smile-filled buzz,” and reminding people that “summer is the best time to get a great deal on a Honda.”

Honda tried to spread cheer to 3 million people during the week of the campaign. If they reached their goal, the said, they’d donate $100k to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

How It Worked

Honda’s Summer #Cheerance campaign lasted five full weekdays, from August 4-8. It included the following cross-channel strategies and tactics.

On YouTube 

Introduction video: Honda kicked off the #Cheerance campaign with this video that clearly yet playfully explained what the campaign was all about and connected to viewers over how rough the 9-to-5 grind can be, especially in the summer — while offering a smile-inducing solution.

Teaming up with a YouTube sensation:  To see expanded reach, Honda partnered with YouTube prankster Andrew Hales, who boasts 1,655, 586 subscribers on the network. Hales promoted his take on “Summer Cheerance” via two videos on his popular LAHWF YouTube channel during the five-day effort.

On Twitter

We are committed to spreading unprecedented cheer starting today and connecting with as many people as we possibly can in five days.

 Susie Rossick, Senior Manager at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 

Responding to their audience: Honda responded to Twitter followers with videos, memes, and GIF’s throughout the five-day effort.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.20.57 AM

Off Social Media 

Partnering with Pandora: Honda’s Pandora®  Summer Cheerance station featured a variety of cheerful tunes with two 60-second, custom-made “Summer Cheerance” comedy bits from up-and-coming comedian Steve Simeone during commercial breaks.

Building campaign awareness on TV: The Summer Clearance Sales Event campaign featured six TV spots, including “Fan,” “Golf Cart,” and “Rain,” building off last year’s successful summer event. Network TV placements appeared on The Bachelorette, New Girl, 24, MasterChef, and on national cable networks like Bravo, Discovery, TBS and HGTV.

Driving campaign awareness online/on other media outlets: Honda ran banner ads on high-traffic auto sites like,, and, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Print ads ran in People, Sports Illustrated, and top-market local newspapers. Network radio spots also aired during the event.


The #Cheerance campaign proved its worth when the two most engaging post on all of Honda’s social channels, both during the week of that campaign and the week after, were #Cheerance posts.

Simply Measured Cross Channel Social Performance Report
Source: Simply Measured Report. Try it for free here.

They also both came from Facebook, and both linked to YouTube videos. Each YouTube video has about 35-40k views to date.

Honda saw incredible audience growth during the #Cheerance event, too.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.08.58 AMIn just five days, Honda gained 8,981 fans on Facebook and 4,673 followers on Twitter. This indicates to me that Honda’s multi-platform employment of paid, owned, and earned media gave the company some serious reach and fresh eyes on its social presence.

Honda’s strategy of building entertaining, non-salesy YouTube content, then using its other social channels to point to that content and keep it on the public’s radar, worked wonders for them and has rich lessons to teach any brand.

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