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Simply Summer Social Awards Contestant #5: Malibu’s #BestSummerEver Campaign

Simply-Summer-Awards-BlogWhich brands won summer 2014 on social? You get to choose. 

This is the final post in our five brand series of killer summer campaigns, according to four social influencers and our very own CEO (check out yesterday’s post, where he chose Ben & Jerry’s Core Tour 2014).

You can vote by clicking the button at the end of each blog post, which will send a Tweet detailing your choice from your Twitter handle. We’ll use those Tweets and our software to keep track of your votes.

Votes will be tallied in real time right here, so you can check in on the award standings whenever your heart desires. There’s no limit to the amount of brands you can vote for, so be sure to check in with the blog regularly to see who’s being featured and what #winning looks like.

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Mission: #BestSummerEver 

Malibu, a popular rum owned by Pernod Ricard USA, set its multi-platform summer campaign into motion with live events, an online content series featuring its signature cocktails, a partnership with band OneRepublic, and giveaways galore. Brian Mequet, Vice President, Rum and Liqueurs, Pernod Ricard USA, had this to say: 

Our Best Summer Ever campaign is based on the notion that ‘summer you’ is the happiest, most carefree version of ‘you,’ and Malibu wants to continue to inspire people to celebrate that sentiment this summer and all year long.

Forbes Social Media Power Influencer and New York Times-published author Jeff Bullas submitted Malibu’s campaign as his favorite of summer 2014:

002Malibu had one of the most aggressive social media campaigns of the summer, comprised of on-the-ground action, with a group of people traveling across the world, checking things off their bucket list, and an intricate YouTube campaign. They encouraged fans to follow along with the group’s adventures, as well as submit their own over social media for the course of the summer. Innovative, creative, and brilliant!


The campaign’s hub was, where visitors could enter the sweepstakes to see OneRepublic, watch exclusive OneRepublic videos, view and share Malibu signature cocktail recipes, or create their own, and check out a Pinterest-style patchwork photo board of all the posts across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook mentioning #BestSummerEver or #MalibuBSE.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.00.24 PM
Screenshot of

Winning Tactics from Malibu

Malibu ran its campaign from both the @MalibuRumUS handle and the @MalibuRumUK handle. The most retweeted Tweet of the campaign was this one, with 17,115 Retweets and more than seven million impressions.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.15.16 PMThe success of this post shows us a cornerstone of the #BestSummerEver campaign: asking people to take a low-lift action (retweeting) to reap great rewards (an iPad and iTunes voucher). If you want to spread awareness of your campaign as quickly as possible, there’s no better way.

Partnering with celebrities was another winning tactic for Malibu. This one Tweet from Hills alum-turned-lifestyle-brand Lauren Conrad contributed 39% of impressions for #MalibuBSE and #BestSummerEver during the week of August 10-17.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.34.05 PMI noticed that during the week of August 18-24, @MalibuRumUS experienced a huge spike in engagement.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.40.30 PM

This was largely due to the mega-engagement derived from this one post:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.45.10 PM

This is a fantastic example of social media being a ripe place to test out and gauge the popularity of products, using engagement as the benchmarking metric.

Malibu devoted a lot of resources to its Best Summer Ever YouTube series, in which cast members did whatever it took to make summer 2014 the #BestSummerEver.

Some of these videos have over 800,000 views – no small feat for a seasonal campaign.

The Bottom Line 

Malibu’s “Best Summer Ever” campaign used a diverse bag of tricks and maintained a consistent presence on a wide swathe of networks, with an ingenious, seamless synthesis between its hub website content and social activity.

#BestSummerEver showed us the value of giving a social campaign its own space — a separate site, and a strong, related but unique identity. We’ll raise our drinks to that. 

Vote for @MalibuRumUS’ #BestSummerEver!

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