#SimplySocial Podcast: @dacort and @aviel on Twitter’s Growth and Social Marketing

#SimplySocial Podcast: @dacort and @aviel on Twitter’s Growth and Social Marketing
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In the 11th episode of #SimplySocial, we’re joined by Aviel Ginzburg and Damon Cortesi, two of Simply Measured’s three co-founders, to talk about developing the first Twitter analytics product, taking trips to North Korea, winning the company ping pong tournament, and the evolution of social marketing. Enjoy!

About #SimplySocial

Join us each week as Lucy Hitz and I bring you news from the social marketing space, talk about great brand campaigns we’ve seen, discuss tactics and theory, and have conversations with some of the biggest experts in social marketing. The Podcast is available on Soundcloud, iTunes, and of course, right here on the Simply Measured blog.

About the Hosts

unnamed (5)When they’re not posing for ridiculous sitcom-esque photo shoots, Kevin Shively and Lucy Hitz are on the Simply Measured marketing team.

Kevin Shively is the Senior Content Strategist at Simply Measured. He’s worked in digital marketing for the last six years. Prior to that, he was a newspaper journalist, and prior to that, he played with a lot of LEGOs.

Lucy Hitz is the Social Media Content Writer at Simply Measured. She holds an MFA from the University of New Hampshire and uses more hashtags than anyone you know. #ImNotKidding

Kevin Shively

Marketer. Business & strategy for Simply Measured. SaaS, tech, 90s hiphop, complaining about stuff. Recovering journalist. Told I used to be funnier.

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