#SimplySocial Podcast: The Best Social Marketing Trends of 2014

#SimplySocial Podcast: The Best Social Marketing Trends of 2014 Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

I’m excited to announce the launch of our new Simply Measured podcast series, #SimplySocial where we discuss social marketing, brand strategy, and analytics.

Ron Schott

In this inaugural episode, Hitz and I sat down with Simply Measured’s Director of Professional Services Ron Schott to talk about the best social marketing trends of 2014, and how they’re shaping brand strategies in 2015. Enjoy!

Join us each week as Lucy Hitz and I bring you news from the social marketing space, talk about great brand campaigns we’ve seen, discuss tactics and theory, and have conversations with some of the biggest experts in social marketing.

If you consider yourself a social media expert and would like to be a guest on #SimplySocial, find either of us on Twitter, @KevinSaysThings and @LLHitz, or reach me via email:

If you’re looking for more trends to keep in mind as you dig into your 2015 plan, be sure to download our 2015 Social Planning Guide.

Kevin Shively

As the Head of Marketing Communications at Simply Measured and generally delightful person, my job is to use data to tell stories to the internet that help the internet get better at telling stories...You're welcome internet.

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