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Social Innovators Series: Abbey Daniel

In our Social Innovators series, we highlight leaders who use data and creativity to build world-class social marketing organizations. Here’s Abbey Daniel’s story.

Abbey Daniel
Abbey Daniel Senior Account Executive Edelman

Abbey Daniel has extensive experience as a social marketer in the agency space, working with big-name clients and developing their social strategies.

Our conversation with Abbey started off with a bold statement regarding the end of an era for social marketers. We no longer are solely focused on likes and shares; it’s about providing meaningful content to our audiences.

Pro Tip #1: Focus on Delivering Quality Messages

“We need to move away from the kind of thinking that we need more likes and shares, and get them into the habit of messaging correctly to the right audience at the right time and place.”

As marketers begin to plan ahead for next year, Abbey says it is important to highlight metrics that matter. Likes and shares are valuable and can give us insight into the type of content that affects the top of the funnel, but Abbey urges marketers to dive deeper into how our audience is interacting with the content we produce.

Pro Tip #2: Analyze Audience Engagement and Interaction with Content

“We drive a lot of our audience to our blog. We focus on CTR and take a deep look into what actions they take once they get there and how we can retarget them to move them further along the funnel.”

Social Metrics Map

Abbey works with a variety of clients in the entertainment industry and is often given very broad goals from clients who are unsure of what success looks like on social. Part of what she offers her clients is helping them set goals and determining appropriate success metrics that align with the needs of her clients.

Pro Tip #3: Set Clear Goals and Determine Your Success Metrics

“Sometimes we have little to no control over the creative decision-making process or content creation. Ask your clients the right questions and work together as a team to figure out their most important goals and help them define success.”

As social media evolves with new technology, Abbey tells us that it is important to know the difference between adopting new technology just for the sake of adopting that new technology, and knowing the impact of that new technology on our strategies and if it really is making a positive impact on our business.

Pro Tip #4: Use New Technology to Achieve Your Goals

“Set aside the lens of viewing technology as the newest and hottest thing in marketing. Ask yourself if these new technologies make sense for your business needs, and is it going to achieve what you want it to and what you need it to.”

Video is undoubtedly the next big thing in social marketing. Abbey is impressed with those who are able to use video effectively in their social strategies, and urges marketers to consider video because every algorithm out there favors video right now.

Pro Tip #5: Use Video Strategically

“Show your clients exactly how video is going to work and exactly how you’re going to get people to watch and care about them. The ultimate goal with videos is to get your audience to take action – not just to entertain, but to move them toward your goals.”

If you want even more social marketing tips from Abbey, please comment with your questions below.

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