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Social Lessons from Major Insurance Mascots

Insurance company mascots have become so well known that they have created their own brands with tag lines and catch phrases.

It wasn’t too long ago that people associated camels with Camel Cigarettes and Joe Camel. Today, you mention a camel in any workplace in America, especially on a Wednesday, and a chorus of “Mike, Mike, Mike…guess what day is it?” erupts.

Insurance mascots have taken on a life, and brand, of their own. Over the summer, we took a deep dive into the social success of State Farm’s Cliff Paul. With this post we are going to look at a few of my favorites and some of the most successful Insurance mascots today on social, in no particular order.

Jake from State Farm

People winning Halloween costume parties dressed as an Insurance agent? I never would have guessed this was a possibility until the likes of Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm took over social. In our office in beautiful Seattle, not a week goes by that you will not hear an impression of a Midwestern accent saying “Khakis” and at least a couple people chiming in, “Well, she sounds hideous.”

How does this transition to social success? During the month of December, the account for @JakeStateFarm received almost as many organic mentions as it saw engagement with its own Tweets. Organic mentions earned an astounding 7% of impressions for the month. People want to interact with a brand or mascot because they respond and retweet, which feels like interacting with a celebrity, and is crucial for gaining an engaged following.

Aflac Duck

The social team at Aflac has made a very smart decision in the utilization of hashtags. #DuckLife appears in 65% of their Tweets for the month of December, not including other derivations of the hashtag, such as #DuckPrints and #DuckJokes. They are staying current and topical with the hashtags. Much to the chagrin of the countless Washington and Washington State fans, and even one Oregon State fan here at Simply Measured, an Oregon Duck won the Heisman. As sponsors of the Heisman Trophy, Aflac was timely and very funny with their tweet, but also able to join in on the larger conversation of #HeismanTrophy.

Geico Gecko

Engagement from followers is king with @TheGeicoGecko. This last month, the Gecko only sent out 31 Tweets, but they were able to reach millions of people due to engagement from their audience. The organic mentions they received in December outnumbered their tweets almost six-to-one!

Make a Personal Connection

Being able to see the positive engagements and interactions with the mascots they have created has allowed insurance companies to build a more personal connection with their followers and establish a more tangible face for their company. For what could have become an antiquated industry, the leading insurance companies have openly embraced the world of social. They are using social to address customer service, share relevant content, and are also using it to have fun, which we all want to do!

Ryan Curvey

Ryan Curvey

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