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Social Marketers, CMOs Are Most Worried About These Things

Believe it or not, CMOs are a lot like you — they are tasked with being both creative superstars and measurement aficionados. With only a certain budget and a seemingly endless list of goals, CMOs are looking to balance the art and science of marketing. And you, the social marketer, can help (and maybe get some extra budget for your social team along the way).

This post delves into three common worries that CMOs are dealing with now (scroll to the bottom of this post to download the whole guide, with all six worries). It also includes suggestions for what social marketers can do to alleviate these stresses and solve these problems.

1. We are marketing too transactionally

We are just giving our audience price and product/event details, without sharing the excitement and brand feel that inspires and turns customers into evangelists. Our brand communicates in a way that isn’t very “human.”

How You Can Help

Find Out What Your Audience Is Organically Talking About. The first step beyond purely transactional digital content is to find out what your target audience is discussing organically and use this as the generative source for creating content that will authentically become a part of this conversation. Social is a great place to begin this research.

For a holistic view, conduct this research on two levels: conversation around your brand specifically…


This is a sample chart from Simply Measured’s Social Analytics solution.

…and general conversation around relevant topics:

Trends 2
This is a sample chart from Simply Measured’s Listening solution.

Find Out What Your Top-Performing Content Is. “Top-performing content” can mean two things in this context:

1. Your Brand’s Best-Selling Products/Experiences: Work backwards. Use your brand’s best-selling features to build a content calendar that addresses the needs most relevant to your customers.

2. Your Brand’s Most Engaging Content on Social Right Now: Find out what your best performing content is on social right now, and come up with a plan to amplify that.

Couple this with the campaign you planned around your brand’s best-selling products and experience. Then show your CMO.

Do Some Competitive Research (On Social). Run competitive reports so you can show your CMO what competitors are doing on social that’s working, and bring ideas on how to replicate this success tactically, but utilizing your own brand voice and messaging.

Instagram Competitive

2. We need to widen our net of target customers…

We aren’t marketing to the wide variety of people who are interested in buying from us. We should be considered by Group X as much as we are considered by Group Y.

How You Can Help

Find Out Who All Your Different Audiences Are. Take to social to discover who Groups X, Y, Z, and beyond are: you will be able to find out a whole lot more about each group by watching how they organically represent themselves and behave on social than waiting for them to interact with your brand.

Not only will you be able to create intricate profiles for each audience, after a while of measuring, you will be able to predict behavior and target content accordingly.

You will be able to plan content for each group and meet your business goals better with this kind of insight.

Find Out What Their Different Needs Are. Once you know who your various audiences are on social, how they behave, and which networks they prefer, you will be able to diagnose needs and try to meet those needs with your social content.

Experiment With Targeted Mini-Campaigns. Plan a different mini-campaign targeted at each of your segments and bring the results to your CMO. Whether the campaigns were “successful” or “unsuccessful,” you’ll have data to use for efforts moving forward.

3. Our brand is respected and trusted…

…but we’re not leveraging that sentiment enough.

How You Can Help

Find Out What Your Audience Members Say About You on Social. What nice things are your followers saying about you on social? Find out and compile a list.

Use Customer and Fan Quotes From Social. Use the positive sentiment you are receiving to create collateral and build a campaign highlighting this brand love to generate a flywheel effect.

Experimenting with social video is also an incredibly effective way to use the customers and content you find.

Build and/or Grow Your Influencer Program. If you have loyal fans, use ‘em! Identify top influencers (social users who have a lot of followers and are highly engaged), then reach out to them for partnerships to broaden your brand reach.

This chart is from the Simply Measured Twitter Account Report.

Want to know what the rest of CMOs’ top worries are, and what you as a social marketer can do to help? Download the full Guide below!

Get everything you need to analyze the metrics that matter

What Top CMO’s Are Worried About (And What Social Marketers Can Do to Help)


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