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Social Media is Changing in 2015: How to Stay Ahead of the Game

One big consistent in today’s social media landscape is change. While, for a long time, tactics were limited to social media’s top channels, even that notion is beginning to dissolve. In short, this is a very dynamic field. While social networking offers marketers more than ever before, savvy marketers also need to stay on their feet in order to keep up with new social networks and advances in social networking.

How Social Media Will Change in 2015

  • Mobile Growth: With a huge growth in use of smartphones and tablets, a growing number of people are utilizing these as their primary internet access device. While businesses both big and small are already beginning to incorporate a minimal, sleek design to accommodate mobile devices, this is not just an accommodation, but the future look of the internet. Mobile has already become the default way the internet is viewed by most users online, and the look of the web is only going to follow suit.
  • Social Buying: Big-name social networks are beginning to experiment with direct purchase buttons. While many have yet to be implemented, they already have people talking. Instead of merely promoting your ecommerce site on Facebook, you will be able to sell through it directly in the next year.
  • Peer to Peer Payment: Similarly, sites are trying to develop direct payment facilities through them. It is a bit tricky and there may be regulatory issues but once implemented, it will revolutionize ecommerce yet again by skipping the service charge of credit cards. With Bitcoin already changing the potential of online payments, this could be easier and more feasible than it ever has been.

Staying Ahead in the Social Game

So, considering the above issues, here are a few advices you may consider to prepare yourself for the next year.

  • Design for Mobile: Redesign not only your website for mobile but also work on your social media posts for the same. Keep them short and sharp to work on small devices and find out ideal image sizes for different networks.
  • Niche Sites: Learn about niche networks such as Snapchat, Quora, Tumblr, Medium and many more. Not all of these networks will ultimately survive, but one or two of them at least should emerge to be winners.
  • Respect Privacy: Snapchat, Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat etc. have brought the privacy back to the game. The users and their needs are different on these networks. Prepare separate strategies for them.
  • Dig deeper Into Analytics: With so many new networks and increasing expenses, you need to be sure what is working and what is not. Social marketing is becoming more quantifiable, and richer insights are the key to success.

In conclusion, next year is going to be turbulent but exciting for social media marketers. Be smart and be prepared to reap rich rewards.

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