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Social Media Manager, Are You Asking Your Coworkers These Questions?

Social Media Manager, Are You Asking Your Coworkers These Questions?

unnamed-4What am I missing? 

How should I repurpose content?

Why isn’t our campaign hitting right? 

If these are questions you’ve asked yourself while thinking about your brand’s social strategy, look around your marketing and social media departments.

The answers are likely right there, in the people who your company has hired to execute on email marketing, sales and account management, and even community management.

As a Social Media Manager, it’s your job to make sure your marketing strategy doesn’t exist in silos, so take some people out for coffee, burgers, ice cream, or vodka, and make sure to ask the right questions.

Talk to Your Marketing Automation Mastermind 

The person in charge of sending out emails for your brand, managing your nurture flows and campaigns, measuring their effectiveness, and tweaking as needed, knows exactly what captures peoples’ attention meaningfully and what your customer personas look like. Here is what you need to ask him or her over that PSL.

Where did people click in the newsletter or email?

And why? What are your email marketing manager’s best guesses as to what made a send successful or a giant flop? The images used? The headlines chosen? Ask him or her to get real specific with you.

How have you segmented different target audiences? 

Which criteria is used to decide what these segments should be? Consider breaking down your own social strategy into these segments as well, if you agree with them, and striking up a dialogue about what you think the segmented audiences should be based on your own social measurement, if you don’t.

How are you testing?

Is your email marketing manager A/B testing topics and titles on marketing content to determine the best campaigns to achieve objectives? What can you learn from this about conducting your own testing on social and what you should be looking for? 

Sit Down with the Sales Team and Account Managers 

Your sales team and account managers talk to customers the most. They are on the front lines. They’ve talked to customers and prospective clients about your social presence in some way. What are people saying about your strategies and campaigns?

Which collateral do you send out most frequently? 

By knowing which collateral your sales team and account managers are sending out most, you discover what your customers’ needs are — and what your social presence should be addressing some way, somehow.

Which brands do our customers mention? 

Know which brands your customers mention and you know which brands to keep tabs on re: news, product launches, and social moves.

What do our customers complain about? 

Use this information to infuse your social presence with content aimed at soothing pain points and offering real, practical, network-relevant solutions.

Which networks do you hear customers discuss most? 

For instance, is your industry and/or your customers’ industry experiencing a major Pinterest wave? Which social networks are your customers most curious about and active on? This is the way you keep your finger on the pulse of the people you want to be around on social.

Pick Your Community Manager’s Brain 

As Social Media Manager, you’re the captain of the ship, but your Community Manager is the one pulling the oars, maintaining your social presence on a daily basis.

Ask what trends he or she is seeing right off the top of her head. The community manager’s job is part informed decision and part social intuition, so mine her instincts about what’s coming.

Give me your week’s coolest. 

Your Community Manager spends all his or her time monitoring your brand’s social presence and those of your partners, competitors, and industry. This means she or he has deeper insight than most about what’s attracting attention, making folks look twice, and becoming a social network standard.

Consider asking your Community Manager to send around a Best-of-the-Week social roundup encapsulating which trends she or he is seeing on your active social networks and how your brand fits into the picture.

What do the reports say? 

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 3.19.23 PM

If you want to go a step further, ask your Community Manager to send around the week’s coolest with some data behind it in the form of a competitive leaderboard or charts showing brand-specific engagement spikes.

This Conversation Goes Both Ways 

The people you’re talking to should see you as a learning resource, too. You’re in charge of how social strategy reflects and enhances your brand’s larger mission. These teams should all understand your function and what you can help with on both high-level and tactical levels.

Sharing Social Data Across Your Company

Complex Media keeps its social programs thriving by measuring them – and not just for the sake of the social media team. The massive 19-site network understands that what’s happening on social has implications in every department and level of its organization, from ad sales to engineering.

We spoke with Carmen Villafañe, Social Media Director at Complex, to find out how she’s turned TwitterFacebook, and Instagram metrics into companywide essentials for greater revenue and growth.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How Complex shares social data across teams to enable their success
  • How social data can benefit engineering, sales, and content teams
  • Ways you can implement similar strategies to fuel revenue and growth for your company

…and much more. Click below to download the full case study!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 3.59.57 PM


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