Social Media Measurement: Understanding Cross-Channel Tactics

Social Media Measurement: Understanding Cross-Channel Tactics

Understanding Cross-Channel Measurement can be a complex task. There are a lot of moving pieces, and the ability to get a holistic “big picture” view of your social landscape is not easy.

This week, I had the pleasure of moderating a webinar called “The 5 Essentials of Cross-Channel Measurement,” a conversation stemming from our recent white paper on the same topic.

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Our two speakers, Simply Measured CEO Adam Schoenfeld, and Director of Professional Services Ron Schott, shared some ways of thinking about cross-channel measurement, and tactics for organizing and developing a cross-channel strategy.

The second half of the webinar was a great Q&A session with some tough questions from the audience.

Below, we’ve included a recording of the entire webinar, and a link to the “5 Essentials of Cross-Channel Measurement” guide. Enjoy!

To learn more about these five essential components, and for more tactical advice, click the button below to download the full guide.

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