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Social Metrics, Digital Metrics, Brand Metrics, and the Difference

Metrics like engagement, followers, and mentions are great awareness, or social, metrics. If your sole purpose as a social marketer is to drive greater awareness of your product and/or service, then these are the metrics you should primarily focus on. If social metrics are the ones you are focused on, you’re figuring out how to get more people to retweet this, Like it, and subsequently increase follows and mentions.

However, if you are more plugged into the goals and priorities of the rest of your marketing organization, you’ll want to pay attention to social metrics, but you’ll also want to pay attention to digital metrics like reach, impressions, traffic, and mobile app installs.


You’ll probably align your social strategy around content, which links back to your target site, and keep consistent track of whether your strategy is working.

Finally, if you are responsible for connecting what you are doing on social to your top business goals, then you will want to pay attention to leads, sales, and revenue–and link brand awareness efforts on social to these bottom-of-the-funnel actions.

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For this, you’ll need a software solution that can make the link between your social efforts and the bottom line. 

Want to learn more about measuring like the social networks do, and understand which metrics you and your team should be focusing on? Download the guide below.

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