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Take Your Analysis to the Next Level With Custom Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive analysis gives you an edge. It enables you to understand where you fit into the market, monitor competitors’ campaign performance (without doing any heavy lifting or spending yourself), and keep track of emerging trends. It gives you the power to make more strategic, effective decisions for your brand.

Starting today, Simply Measured is giving you the power to take your competitive analysis even further with custom competitive benchmarking. Our three most popular competitive reports, Facebook Competitive Analysis, Twitter Competitive Analysis, and Instagram Competitive Analysis, will now include a Competitive Analysis Scorecard similar to the one pictured below.

IG Competitive Scorecard (2)

Each Scorecard is designed to help you see exactly where you fall within the competitive landscape that you define. Unlike standard industry benchmarks, our competitive reports enable you to choose your competitive set, ensuring your comparisons are based on the competitors that actually matter to your brand. This is key — comparing Delta or United to a regional airline just doesn’t make sense (even if they are in the same industry.)

With your customized Scorecard, you can analyze how your KPIs stack up to both the industry average and the industry leader. Each scorecard also has the option to include period-over-period comparisons, helping you more easily benchmark how performance changed over time for each competitor, and how your brand fits in.

Competitive Analysis Scorecards launched this morning, so if you’re a Simply Measured customer the updated reports are already waiting in your account. If you’d like to learn more about Simply Measured and our competitive reporting, click here to request a demo.

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