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TechCrunch Disrupt Twitter Recap Analysis

TechCrunch Disrupt Twitter Recap Analysis

Unfortunately, we weren’t in NYC for TechCrunch disrupt this week, but we were able to follow the conference on Twitter and  the live stream. Of course, tracking tweets with RowFeeder gave us the opportunity to do a post-conference recap highlighting some social media data. Here is what we found interesting from the #TCdisrupt Twitter data…

Overall, the conference drew steady activity on Twitter. We tracked the conference hashtag, #TCdisrupt, and the phrase “Techcrunch Disrupt” to catch all the chatter. The midday session on Monday with Carol Bartz draw the first spike in activity and volume dropped but stayed strong during the first 2 sessions of Startup Battlefield. The Lean Startup vs. Fat Startup debate between Fred Wilson and Ben Horowitz drove the largest spike in day two. In the final day the winner announcements drove volume.

We were curious to see how much buzz the participating startups generated. We parsed out TC Disrupt tweets mentioning the 5 finalists and found the following mix. The winner, Soluto won the Twitter share, UJAM, Betterment, Publish2, and MOVIECLIPS followed. In total, these companies were mentioned in ~12% of all TC Disrupt tweets.

The conference was in NYC, but appears to have drawn a national crowd led by the Silicon Valley faithful. We used the Location Normalization feature in RowFeeder to find the top metros areas. NYC attendees led the way followed by other major tech hubs. In total, the top 10 cities accounted for ~72% of all handles.

If you are interested in downloading this data, contact us and we can make it available for purchase: us (at) rowfeeder (dot) com.

Adam Schoenfeld

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