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Thanksgiving Weekend Advice for Social Marketers

Most Americans will soon sit down to enjoy food, football, and a break from work. That said, they’ll likely still tweet out an opinion of their rental car, post a pic of themselves in a name-brand sweater, or double-check on coupons available on Facebook for Black Friday. Social won’t rest this weekend. Social marketers, how can you?

While you may already know you’ll be handling customer service questions on Twitter at 2 a.m. on Friday, there are ways to prepare for the weekend and make it more enjoyable. And, you might be able to take advantage of all the shopping mayhem and family fun while you’re at it.

The following are tips from account managers, marketers, customer success specialists, and other folks here at Simply Measured on how to prepare for the happiest, most restful weekend possible.

Add Value

“You should always prepare for the holidays on social with a thorough plan. Make sure you know what you’re posting, when you’re posting and, most importantly, why you’re posting. If you don’t add value to the user’s experience over the holidays, you might turn them off of your brand completely. Keep it relevant and applicable, or just simply wish your fans a Happy Turkey Day!”

– Jade Furubayashi (Worshipper of Mashed Potatoes)  

Watch Your Competition

“Thanksgiving isn’t going anywhere, and social marketing will only continue to grow in importance. Do yourself a favor and track not only your Thanksgiving and Black Friday campaigns, but those of your competitors. Use them to understand how you performed against your industry peers and strategize a game plan for even better performance next year. Or track companies who traditionally run Thanksgiving / Black Friday campaigns very well and learn from them. What times are they posting? What kinds of CTAs do they use? How do they engage with their audiences? Are they enlisting influencers to help? Learn, learn, and learn!”

– Lauren Berry (Serious Social Nerd)

Track Ahead of Time

“Make sure you’re tracking any specific hashtags or campaigns (especially for Black Friday or post-Thanksgiving campaigns). It’s best to do that before you head out for the weekend so you can rest easy knowing you’re tracking all that data while you eat tofurkey.”

– Mandy Lindgren (Veggie Options Enthusiast)

Adjust Your Schedule

“Some people are going to be up super early and late on Black Friday, so be sure to schedule some content at odd hours for them, as well.”

– Katy Whitney (“Normal” Hours Shopper)

Plan Properly

“Double-check your publishing schedule on Thursday. Do you usually schedule posts in the afternoon and evening on weekdays? Maybe schedule your posts earlier so you aren’t trying to reach people while they’re full of turkey or listening to their crazy Uncle Fred babble on about the Rolling Stones.”

– Kevin Shively (Big Fan of His Uncle Fred)

Stay Mobile-Friendly

“Thanksgiving weekend is full of football (Go Hawks!), travel, shopping, and food. Address those topics in a timely manner. See if you can get people to share their experience with each other and try to keep it positive.  Also, remember that most people will be engaging while on the go.  Make sure your content is mobile-friendly.”

– Will Mueller (Football Fan Extraordinaire)

Happy Thanksgiving! For more tips on planning for the holidays, be sure to download our 2014 Holiday Planning Guide:

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