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The 4 Elements of Successful B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Programs

Approach varies greatly between the worlds of B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing. While we both care about generating revenue, new customers, and brand awareness, we prioritize these goals differently.  

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In B2B, you’re mainly focused on generating leads. In B2C, you’re focusing on driving revenue. In B2B, you educate and inform. In B2C, you evoke emotion and create a connection. Easy, right? I wish. No matter whether you’re selling shoes or software, here are the five elements your digital marketing program must include. 

1. Know Your Buyer

If you were asked who buys your product, what would your answer be? To be successful with your digital campaign efforts, know your buyer. The more you know, the more targeted your campaign strategy will be.

You should understand:

  • What your buyer cares about
Simply Measured Social Analytics Dashboard
From Simply Measured’s Social Analytics Dashboard
  • Who your buyer is
Gender Breakdown
Gender Breakdown Within the #ValentinesDay Conversations Powered by Simply Measured’s Social Listening
  • What keeps your buyer up at night
  • What your buyer’s goals are

Whatever you’re selling is not going to appeal to everyone, so be clear about who is buying your product.

We recently had Melissa Thompson from Brooks Running at our office. Their strategy is not to be the next Nike. They aren’t marketing to the power-athlete; they market to the everyday runner, and they use social to build, engage with, and convert this community. For those of us loyal to Brooks (I’m on my fourth pair), this is exactly why we love them.

Wear your mood, on your feet. Link in bio to shop the #Ghost9.

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2. Have a Strategy

Strategy takes time, in-depth data, input from many people, revisions to your idea, buy-in from leadership, and more revisions to your idea.

Once you have a unified strategy, this strategy should be reflected visually and from a messaging perspective in every single digital asset you publish and promote, from your email templates to your banners on social. Make sure that what you’re promoting does not come across as fragmented.

Bizible does a great job of this across all their digital assets, sticking close to the pipeline marketing theme in every asset, from their demo CTAs to their social content.



3. Create Full-Funnel Content

We’ve all heard the phrase “Content is King.” It doesn’t matter if you’re selling to a business or to a consumer: what you say and how you say it matters. We’re all marketing to humans. Content is what gives life to your brand image and tells the story of who you are. If done right, content can move prospective buyers from the awareness stage to the purchase point. 


Apple did this incredibly well in 2010 when they introduced FaceTime, using the power of human emotion to launch a product and push people towards purchase. They didn’t have to tell me what FaceTime was, because they showed me.

Now, we may not all have a “FaceTime” to market, but this is where you get to be creative, no matter whether you’re B2B or B2C. 

4. Set Goals and Measure Your Results

Did that paid ad on Facebook result in sales? Content downloads? Whatever your objective, did you meet it?

As a marketer, you will always be asked to prove your ROI, so be clear when defining what success looks like and measuring your results. If you don’t have the tools to do this today, get them. 

ROIWhen it comes to digital ads in my current role, I measure the success (or failure) of our paid campaigns by looking at how they move through the funnel. We use the waterfall model (designed by Sirius Decisions) to track how leads move through the funnel.

Image result for siriusdecisions waterfallWe also use the Bizible B2B attribution model, so we can optimize our marketing campaigns based on how they contribute to revenue, and Simply Measured’s very own solution to optimize social campaigns specifically. 

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Robin Paris

Robin is the Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Simply Measured. She is passionate about marketing techniques that drive additional revenue opportunities and using data analytics to make decisions. She loves her cat and a nice glass of wine.

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