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The 5 Biggest Pain Points for Social Media Marketers

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Life ain’t easy out there for us social media marketers. New networks are popping up every week, established channels are changing their algorithms at the drop of a hat, and we’re still constantly on the hook to defend our jobs.

It’s an ever-changing playing field, which can make for early mornings and tiring evenings. What are the five things keeping us up at night — and how can we solve for them? Let’s check it out.

1. Resources and Time

As I said before, we don’t just Tweet. Social marketers are customer service reps, brand marketers, and content creators. The Social Media Manager wears a lot of hats and needs resources to do his or her  job right.
190714 According to a recent study from eMarketer, securing enough internal resources impacts 46% of survey respondent from enterprise companies! This ranked in the top three of all challenges (don’t worry — we’ll get to the first two in a second).

SOLUTION: Find tools that will make your life easier. On the free side, I save time with Buffer, Canva, and Google Alerts. If you have a little bit of cash to drop, I’d recommend a social analytics solution (Simply Measured is a great choice – obviously) and Buzzsumo Pro. These are all fantastic ways to free up some time to be more effective.

 2. Vanity Metrics

“Did you go viral this week? What was the reach? How many engagements did that post get?” All social media marketers know that the answers to these questions essentially mean nothing without the proper context and set precedents.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.50.16 AM

Getting your company and your team to buy into the complete story data can tell, rather than vanity metrics, is extremely frustrating. Just because you got a lot of engagement, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re besting your competitor, whose engagement as a percentage of audience is through the roof.

SOLUTION: Tell the whole story and use the Social Metrics Map. Make sure you’re reporting on the correct metrics, not just the “sexy” ones. Align your KPIs with your social strategy’s objective and watch those jaws drop.

The social metrics map will help you determine the correct metrics to report on, based on where social is contributing at your business.
The social metrics map will help you determine the correct metrics to report on, based on where social is contributing in your business.

3. The Noise / Value Ratio

Social media can be a noisy place. There is certainly no shortage of brands on any of the major networks, making feeds more cluttered and making breaking through the noise more challenging.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.45.47 AM

Your boss might suggest that you be active on all the major channels. But the truth is, with this much noise, it’s best to pick the channels where you see the biggest return.

SOLUTION: Explore up-and-coming networks, like messaging apps, Peach, and Snapchat. These are places that are still widely untapped, where you can get more bang for your buck if your strategy is solid.

4. Good ‘ol ROI

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. The biggest challenge for social media marketers is proving ROI, point blank. You can infer ROI and you can draw imaginary lines between activities and business outcomes…but this has always been the biggest challenge for marketers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.50.00 AM

Check out the above survey. Sixty percent of respondents designated “Measuring ROI” as one of the most challenging aspects of their social programs. The second? “Tying social activities to business outcomes.” We’re inching closer and closer to cracking the ROI code and, once that happens, all your social programs will change.

SOLUTION: This is a tough one. It all comes back to the Social Media Metrics Map. Show your boss how you’re impacting the business’s objectives with your social activity.

5. We Don’t Just Tweet

The truth is that many people just don’t know what Social Media Managers actually do. I’m not just talking about your mom, either. I’m talking about people you work with! Even in this day and age, there’s a lot of mystery around what a social media marketer actually does. Just recently I read that 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence. Social media isn’t as established as other traditional marketing channels…yet.

SOLUTION: Educate your organization! Your mom might be a lost cause, but get out in front of your company and show them the power of social conversations. Showcase your interactions on social with customers, prospects, and partners.

Tell us on Twitter what your biggest social media marketing pain point is, and download our How Your Social Data Can Benefit Every Department guide below to get a head start on educating the rest of your organization about social’s importance.

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