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The 5 Must-Have Social Media Reports for Any Situation

There isn’t a catch-all for social media marketing. That’s true when it comes to the network you should be using, the audience you should be targeting, and even the reports you should be running.

Social Reporting Quick Reference Guide

You can’t use the same report for every purpose. Your job as a social marketer isn’t that simple. You wear many hats, and need different insight and metrics for different situations. It’s important to understand the goal of your report before you spend time building it, and sharing it.


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Recently, we published a guide about the 5 Essential Social Media Marketing Reports that walked through the five different types of reporting, and how to choose between each. Today, we’ve added a second guide, where Lucy Hitz gives examples of how these reports can be applied to different situations, using real reports. Below is one example, but download the free guide for more great tips and structure:

Example #1: The Campaign Ops Report

Social Media Campaign Ops Report


Engagement Megaphone on Twitter
This megaphone from the Simply Measured Twitter Account Report shows how brand actions impact audience engagement, website clicks, and other important metrics.

At Brand X Magazine, our audience is interested in celebrity news, music, and gossip. We began this social campaign on September 1, and it has been running for nine days.

Our partnership with Selena Gomez has been especially successful on Twitter, earning 30% of our engagement during this time period.

Unexpectedly, Tweets linking back to blog posts about rappers Lupe Fiasco and T-Pain also drove a significant amount of impressions, chewing into the voice share of the Selena Gomez-centered campaign.


Our goals were two-fold.

I. Leverage Audience Interest: To leverage interest around Selena Gomez and her upcoming album to drive traffic to our blog.

II. Drive Awareness: To gain awareness among Selena Gomez’s fans who might not follow us or engage with our content.


I. Greatest Follower Growth over Time: Thanks to this campaign, we saw the greatest follower growth we’ve ever experienced in the shortest amount of time.

II. Greatest Engagement on Photo Ever: Photos aren’t normally our major engagement-driver as content type, but Selena Gomez has turned that around. Something big for us to pay attention to.

Tweets by Content Type: Photos, Videos, Links, or Text

Want More?

To learn about the other four report types, and how you can integrate them into your process, download the full quick reference guide by clicking the link below.

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