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The 6 TweetDeck Columns Every Community Manager Should Have

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TweetDeck is a go-to resource for community managers who want to stay organized and track everything Twitter-related in one hub.

Jade FurubayashiOur superstar community manager Jade Furubayashi loves that the app eradicates the need for multiple windows, calling it the “easiest all-inclusive Twitter monitoring and listening tool.”

Which columns should you keep open in your TweetDeck screen every day? Below are some staples of a community manager’s Tweet deck arsenal, keeping your finger on the pulse of your social community.


TweetDeck allows you to monitor Twitter lists. Create a list of your influencers. Who are the Twitter users that matter to your brand? The three groups of Twitter followers you need to look at are:

  • The users who are engaging with your brand the most on Twitter
  • Your followers with large, healthy follower bases of their own
  • Your followers with the widest and most meaningful ranges of influence (AKA Klout score)

Your Twitter influencers are worth a dedicated column because they’re your trendsetters. They can give your content a ton of extra mileage if they choose to share it, and they make great social partners.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 1.35.12 PM
This series of metrics from the Simply Measured Twitter Account Report shows one brand’s most engaged users, most followed users, and top users by Klout score.

Once you’ve created your master list of VIP’s, create a TweetDeck column that shows the activity of these users. This will give you an idea of which conversations you should be paying attention to and perhaps jumping in on.


You should have a TweetDeck column that follows the people who write about your industry and often break news about it. For example, Jade keeps a column of the writers for Social Media Examiner, the industry gold standard for all things social.

Having a dedicated column for journalists keeps you in the know and can help you build relationships with the people who shape perception of your industry and brand.

News Sources

Screenshot 2014-12-09 16.16.13Create a TweetDeck column full of the respected news sources in your industry. This will ensure you’re getting relevant news the moment it hits.

Your Team 

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 4.16.20 PMAs we’ve said before, your employees are now your brand advocates and representatives on social. They can drive plenty of attention and brand awareness from people you haven’t traditionally been accessing. Keep an eye on which kinds of conversations they’re engaging in. Feel free to create multiple lists/columns, too — one for each department or brand within your company umbrella.

Keyword Mentions

TweetDeck allows you to monitor specific keywords as well. Set up keyword mention columns for:

  • Industry buzzwords in both hashtag and non-hashtag forms. For instance, Jade tracks #SocialMedia and #SocialAnalytics
  • Your company’s name in both hasthag and non-hashtag forms. For instance, #SimplyMeasured and Simply Measured.
  • Any hashtags/keywords already beings used around your brand by Twitter users
  • Any hashtags/keywords already being used around your designated hashtag(s) by Twitter users
Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.04.06 PM
This chart from Simply Measured’s Twitter Activity Report shows the terms being mentioned around one brand’s hashtag on Twitter.

This will help you keep tabs on the conversation around your brand, campaign, and even beyond your own corner of the social world.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 4.21.42 PMMake sure your column for notifications about Twitter users engaging with your brand is front and center, so you can respond and thank people for reaching out, continue the conversation, and answer questions.

Competitor Handles 

Set up a TweetDeck column around your competitors so you can see how they’re engaging on Twitter.

This column is especially important, since it gives you a view in aggregate of what your competitors are doing in real time.

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