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The Beginner’s Guide to Influencer Marketing on Facebook

You’re planning to execute an influencer marketing campaign on social media. The problem is, you’re not sure which social media platform you should use, or how to get started.

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media network worldwide. It’s also the favorite platform of nearly one-third of influencers in the US for sharing branded content, followed by Instagram.

A Mavrck study found that when influencers and other users post about a brand on Facebook, it drives 6.9 times more engagement than content posted by the brands themselves. And an incredible 95.8% of social media marketers worldwide say that Facebook offers the best ROI.

From the Simply Measured 2017 State of Social Marketing Report

Find out how you can get in on the action with this guide to influencer marketing on Facebook.

How to Find Influencers on Facebook

The biggest challenge is finding influencers on Facebook. Unlike with Instagram and Twitter, Facebook has some content restrictions and privacy terms that can make it more difficult to find influential profiles or pages.

Here are some of the best ways to find top Facebook influencers:

1. Use Tools to Find Facebook Influencers

Tools like Simply Measured can help you find top social media influencers on Facebook and other platforms. These tools will help you search for influencers using a relevant keyword.

Listening-4 InfluencerThese tools will show you social media stats about each influencer, like the number of Facebook followers they have, their social media activity, and how they relate to your target audience. 

2. Find Facebook Influencers Through Agencies 

In addition to these tools, there are other options for connecting with Facebook influencers for your campaign. You can find agencies that will connect you with some of the most relevant and effective influencers for your business, based on your requirements.

Some influencer marketing agencies will also provide you with in-depth insights and other relevant industry data. As part of a campaign with Viral Nation, for example, they will provide you with audience retention and viewership rates, paid vs. organic viewership, impressions, and other key insights. Based on those insights, you can easily track the performance of your campaign and make changes or adjustments as needed.

What’s great about working with an agency is that they can handle the time-consuming aspects, like research and communication, for you. Many brands find it challenging to connect with the influencers they like because the influencers are very busy. But through an agency, you can leave all the proposals and communication tasks to the agency.

Facebook Influencer Marketing Ideas

Now that you’ve identified the best influencers to work with for your campaign, it’s time to get started with Facebook influencer marketing. For this, you can help ensure the success of your campaign by using some of the most effective tactics.

Here are three of the most effective influencer marketing strategies for Facebook:

1. Have Influencers Tell a Story through Video

According to Recode, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video on the platform every day. And TechCrunch reported that Facebook users watched an average of 8 billion videos per day. This can only mean one thing: video content can be an excellent mode for marketing your brand with Facebook influencers.

You can get influencers to tell a story about your brand or products using Facebook videos. They can also share their experiences, for example their unboxing of your product. Facebook video content created by influencers can effectively engage your target audience, which can enhance the effectiveness of your campaign.

Crayola, for example, partnered with social media influencers to create buzz about their new Air Marker Sprayer. The influencers created videos to demonstrate how to use the new product.

Your Everyday Canadian created a Facebook video telling a funny story about the product. To date, the video has been viewed 577K times, and has gotten 790 likes, 199 shares, and 60 comments. Out of the 577K views, 498,703 were unique viewers, and nearly half (41.9%) of the views ended up with completion. The video has generated a total of 1,133,977 impressions.

Overall, the Crayola influencer marketing campaign generated 4 million engagements and 7.1 million impressions. The campaign also drove so much traffic to the official Crayola website that it ended up crashing.

2. Have Influencers Share an Experience Through Facebook Live

Although Facebook videos already drive a lot of engagement, Facebook Live can be even better for your influencer marketing campaign. According to Facebook, users spend three times longer watching Facebook Live videos than regular videos.

So if you want to enhance the engagement rate of your influencer marketing campaign, have your influencers go Live to share their experience.

The experience could be anything from an unboxing, a first look, or even an event that your brand has organized. Many brands and marketers have implemented Facebook Live videos into their influencer marketing campaign with impressive results. The best part about Live videos is that the video is still available for viewing, even after the end of the campaign.

The Best Fiends video game, for example, promoted the game through influencers like Laura Clery. She created a Facebook Live video, which has received 467K views and 8.3K reactions. The video has been shared more than 800 times, and received over 9,000 comments.

Saks Fifth Avenue partnered with Who What Wear to create a Facebook Live video. The video has been viewed 78,000 times and has received 400+ reactions, 30 shares, and almost 100 comments.

3. Have Influencers Promote a Contest

Contests are an excellent way for brands to promote themselves. Since there’s a chance for people to win something, they will readily engage with your brand, even if they haven’t heard of you before.

Contests can help you raise brand awareness in ways you can’t even imagine. And with the help of influencers, you can further optimize this tactic to reach a much wider audience.

Send out some free goodies to Facebook influencers so they can host a giveaway contest, or have them promote a contest you’re hosting on your site. They could post photos of the products and include a link to your contest page.

Séduire Lashes recently partnered with micro-influential makeup artist Christina (Suhreal Makeup) to promote a giveaway. The influencer posted a photo in which she uses the brand’s products and invites her followers to enter the contest.

These are some of the best ways you can work with influencers to market your brand on Facebook. As you can see, it’s important to find the right influencers, and then run campaigns to effectively engage your target audience.

Do you have any questions about the strategies provided here? Any tips about influencer marketing on Facebook that you’d like to add? Please share them in the comments below.

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