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The Big Data Behind Seattle’s Big Climb

We have a lot of passions here at Simply Measured: Social Media, big data, helping build brands grow through analytics, stairs.

Wait…Stairs? That’s right, we’re adding stairs to our list of passions here at Simply Measured as we climb 788ft to the 72nd floor of the Columbia Tower for the Big Climb here in Seattle. We have always been passionate about helping brands, large and small, analyze their Social Media presence. Now we are sending some of that passion 1,311 stairs into the sky.

We have been immensely fortunate to work in such an awesome, crazy, fun atmosphere. We are excited to take some of that out into the community this┬áSunday March 23rd as we partake in Seattle’s Big Climb. We’re also geeks for measurement, so we took this opportunity to take a look at some of the numbers behind The Big Climb:


The Simply Measured Big Climb team is excited for the event. If you’re participating, be sure to keep an eye out for these guys and say hi when you get a chance. See you at the top!


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