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The Big Picture Behind Facebook’s Q1 Earnings Call

With all the talk around Facebook’s diminishing organic reach, teens “flocking away,” and the new ad structure, the spotlight has been on Facebook and today’s earnings call. It seems as though lots of people were expecting Facebook to fail and roll over for other hot networks to take the spotlight. However, after today’s call, it’s hard to argue that things aren’t looking up for the network.

The biggest announcement from the first earnings call of 2014, was that Facebook has now surpassed 1 billion mobile MAUs.

This increase in mobile monthly users is also paired with an increase in overall users, a 15% year-over-year increase to be exact. That’s not too shabby for a network that has allegedly “lost its cool factor.”

Facebook has taken significant steps to capitalize on this new and thriving mobile audience. Zuckerberg also reported that revenue from mobile advertising accounted for 59% of the total ad revenue for the quarter, which was also up by 82%.

Facebook is alive and well. Their advertising platform is sky-rocketing, bringing in $2.27 billion in Q1 of 2014, their daily active users are up 21% and their revenue is up 72% since last year. For more stats from Facebook’s Q1 call, check out AllFacebook’s full write-up.

What did you find interesting about Facebook’s call?


Jade Furubayashi

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