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The Power of Personality on Twitter (And What Your Brand Can Steal)

2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide

Brand marketers struggle all the time with trying to give their brands a human face on social media, the marketing channel where a casual, available touch is the best way to build a community. This is particularly true on Twitter, where so many influencers and celebrities have strong followings.

So, what are the six traits these “cool kids” share, what are some examples, and which brands are exemplifying these qualities? Read on to find out.

Personality Tactic: Intimate

Popular personalities on social give you the feeling that they are talking directly to you, no matter how many millions follow them.

How Brands Mimic It

But it’s not just for celebrities and influencers. Your brand can foster an engagement-rich environment on Twitter with this tactic, too, by showing the humanity behind the gloss, product, and/or experience you’re selling.

Personality Tactic: Exclusive

Personalities succeed by offering exclusive content either on Twitter or by using Twitter as the mechanism for awareness of that content. Video content, and especially live video, is being leveraged in this manner a lot recently.

How Brands Mimic It

Your brand can do this, too. For instance, look at what Clorox did in its tie-in with The Bachelorette:

By trading engagement for juicy, exclusive video content, Clorox was able to play a game with followers, gain new ones, and offer “here only” value to all of the above.

Personality Tactic: Limited

Content that is only available in limited quantity or for a limited length of time hits well on Twitter, whether you have to click through to retrieve that content or it’s being revealed directly on the network. Gabby Bernstein, the “spirit junkie” motivational speaker and life coach, often employs this strategy successfully on Twitter.

How Brands Mimic It

More traditional brands use this strategy as well. In fact, Jet Blue has a whole handle devoted to it, @JetBlueCheeps, which offers limited-time airfare deals.

Consider putting together a “wave” package on Twitter, tweeting deals, discounts, and even giveaways on a scheduled basis in “waves” to keep audience interest by serving up offers which seem fresh and new — even if you offered them last month, just in a different context.

Personality Tactic: Effortless

The most compelling personalities on Twitter provide effortless yet spot-on cultural commentary and general musings.

How Brands Mimic It

Just because you’re a brand doesn’t mean you can’t have a strong personality or opinion. Sparring or making an off-the-cuff remark can draw attention towards your brand on Twitter that would otherwise be missing.

Just make sure your Tweets don’t seem calculated, or partner with an influencer who can deliver that message in a way that seems more natural.

Personality Tactic: Context

This is especially relevant during breaking news events. When everything is moving so fast, people turn to Twitter for both an understanding of what is happening and how to frame it within a larger context and timeline.

How Brands Mimic It

Your brand can also become a trusted source of information in your field of expertise over time through consistency and solid facts, whether you’re a news publisher or a festival series.

This is a great example of how social media can be a valuable channel for generating brand authority in a saturated industry.

Personality Tactic: Humor

Was it Marilyn Monroe who said, “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything,” or is that one of the countless quotes misattributed to her? I can’t find out on the Internet, it turns out, but this sentiment holds true on Twitter; just replace “do anything” with “follow you,” “engage with you,” or “click through.”

How Brands Mimic It

Many brands try to be funny on Twitter, but few are. Take it from Pigeons & Planes: you don’t even have to create the content yourself, you just have to have the taste to curate it well and keep those chuckles chuckling.

How will you leverage the power of personality on Twitter? Let us know–where else–on Twitter, and download our engagement-boosting cheat sheets below for more tips for sending engagement into the stratosphere on the network.

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