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The Quick Guide to Timing Your Tweets

This week, I got an interesting e-mail from one of our influencer partners. He was very satisfied from the insight he was getting from our reports and social data, but wasn’t sure how it tied into making data-driven decisions. This is not an uncommon problem to have. Many people monitor, listen and analyze… but there is a key element missing here: action.

As the owner of our social channels, I am tasked with making these types of data-driven decisions nearly everyday. But finding these points-of-action isn’t always intuitive. To help you all social media marketers make sense and get results from all the data available at your fingertips, I’ll be writing a bi-monthly “How-To” series — starting now!

The Quick Guide to Timing Your Tweets

Timing your Tweets is absolutely crucial for all of your goals on Twitter. With all the noise on social media these days, it’s crucial to know when your audience is online and consuming content. Whether you plan to drive engagement, visits, or brand awareness, you need to be aware of when your audience is online. In this brief guide, I’ll be breaking down three levels of time analysis you can use to perfect your Twitter strategy. And then, if you really want to follow along, get your hands on some of our reports! Sign up for a free Simply Measured demo by clicking here.

Beginner: How to Find Your Top Time to Tweet

Your top time to Tweet can be dependent on a variety of factors — audience persona, demographics, B2B vs. B2C, location, etc. Instead of guessing your way through that list, it’s best to analyze your performance holistically. Using a tool like our Twitter Account Report can enable you to discover your top hour to Tweet based on the day of the week.
Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.32.31 PM
After doing some of this analysis, I found that our audience likes to engage with our content in the evenings. It’s this type of insight that can help you create data-driven results. Keep sending your Tweets during your hot windows and you will surely drive tons of engagement!

Intermediate: How to Find Your Top Minute to Tweet

If you want to make an even bigger impact on your Tweet’s performance, get more granular with your analysis. If you want to get a look at how engagement varies minute by minute, you can actually dive into the Excel file and plot it as seen below (snag your own report here).


This analysis showed me two things:

  • There are extreme peaks in engagement on the 15-minute intervals (my Tweeting schedule).
  • After excluding those scheduled Tweets, you’re able to see some interesting patterns. On the 28th and 56th minute, there are significant engagement peaks.

Let’s say, as a social marketer, you enter a meeting at the beginning of an hour or half-hour, those would be prime times for your meeting to get out early or wind down, allowing your attention to wander to say… Twitter? Minute by minute analysis can give you powerful insight into your audience’s behavior, making it easier for you to get their attention in their otherwise crowded feed.

Expert: How to Find Your Top Time to Tweet for Engagement vs. Traffic

By diving even deeper into your data, you can actually find which times are better for which metrics (instructions here). Below is the comparison of engagement vs. traffic driven by Tweets.
For the Simply Measured handle, the top time for engagement is very different than the top time for traffic. With this information, I was able to tailor my Tweets based on whether I wanted to drive traffic vs. engagement. This would help determine which CTA I should use, or if I should include a photo, etc.

Hatching a fool-proof Twitter strategy, crafting the perfect Tweet, or putting together the best social image can only get you so far. At the end of the day, you need to know when to push your content. Be sure to refer back to these three types of analyses to fine-tune your posting schedule!

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