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The Social Selling Playbook

There are a lot of things I love about working at Simply Measured, including winning awards and having a meeting room dedicated to our bottomless supply of fine scotch.

As a member of the sales team, I have the unique ability to track what the top brands and agencies are doing on a daily basis in social media. By nature, our customers at these organizations are very social as well. Being in sales, this gives me an opportunity to build relationships that go much deeper than emails and conference calls.

Over time, I’ve developed some best practices in the art of Social Selling. I recently presented a framework for successful social selling. The following is an overview of The Social Selling Playbook, and you can view the full presentation below.

Hit The Ground Running:

There are critical apps you’ll need to set the right foundation to sell socially. In order to keep social from being a distraction, leverage tools like Hootsuite, YesWare and Rapportive that make it easy to integrate social into your normal daily activity.

Listen First:

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to jump right in and start having conversations. The exact opposite is true. Follow customers, partners and key contacts to learn about what they care about. Throw competitors in as well! My guess is you’ll be surprised at what they’ll tell you.

Rules of Engagement:

Be careful with how you engage with your prospects! While we live in a very open world, but it is very easy to cross the line. Stay in the professional networks and keep your review on someone’s recent wine selection or crazy rave pictures off the table.

It’s also critical to understand the types of engagements available to you, and how to focus on public vs. private conversations in each network.

Extending the Social Sale:

True social selling goes far beyond the point of someone paying you money for something. Continue engaging and building relationships that will create advocates and deliver value for both sides long term.

Check out the full presentation below or drop me a line at @jeffgibb if you have any questions!

Jeff Gibb

I get to work directly with our integrated social networks, data providers & ecosystem partners. Through partnerships & integrations, my job is to make sure our customers have the best possible access to social data.

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