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The Top 10 Retail Brands on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

unnamed (4)There’s a lot to be learned from looking at the top-performing brands in the social game network-by-network. Retail brands are devoting time and money to their presences on these major social networks at an ever-increasing rate. But who’s winning?

When I say winning, I mean, who’s seeing their audience grow and engage? What are these brands doing to be effective? If you’re a brand, retail or not, it’s worth taking a gander at the rankings and doing your own investigation into these brands’ well-used tactics in order to learn from the best. Here’s a head start.

On Instagram

What’s Victoria’s Secret doing so right on Instagram? In the past two weeks alone, they’ve seen over 200K new followers.

The brand has also seen an average of over 120K engagements on each post. Here are some of the brand’s top-performing posts in the past few weeks. They’re doing well with posts that feature beautiful, scantily-clad women. This post received 159,880 in engagement across all channels.


Seeing double! #regram from @angelcandices in the 2013 #VSFantasyBra. Almost that time of year again!

View on Instagram

But, Victoria’s Secret also sees stellar engagement with posts featuring product alone, which shows the level of loyal fandom that the brand can count on from their followers.



Q: How many Body By Victoria bras are too many? A: At least one more Afficher sur Instagram

Another beloved Victoria’s Secret Instagram tactic is using supermodel star power and intimate-seeming, behind-the-scenes shots to keep people interested. This was the brand’s most engaging post so far in October, with 196,476 in engagement across all channels.



What’s a #VSHoliday shoot without wings? (And @lilyaldridge, of course.) ❤️#BTS View on Instagram

Victoria’s Secret is top of the class on Instagram, but are they also winning on Twitter? Let’s take a look at the Twitter rankings.

On TwitterTop10RetailTwitter

While Victoria’s Secret makes an impressive showing here, it’s eBay that tops off the list. What’s eBay doing so right?

First of all, the brand Tweets very frequently. For instance, on October 13, @eBay tweeted twenty-five times. The next day, they tweeted twelve times. For @eBay, this is a sound strategy for standing out on an often frenetically-paced social network.

Another strategy that keeps @eBay popular on Twitter is its wide variety of content, a fitting tactic for a site that sells just about everything. For instance, on October 13, @eBay tweeted about a bass guitar owned by Paul McCartney:

Then about wardrobe refreshers for fall:

Then about a coupon offering for tires.

The diverse list of product spotlights goes on. eBay uses Twitter to remind folks of the amazing deals it has on everything under the sun. This trait is effective at building @eBay a robust Twitter follower count and engagement numbers.

On Facebook

Now you know who rules retail on Instagram and Twitter. Curious who tops the charts on Facebook? Take a look at our full study, which analyzes the Interbrand Top 50 Retail Brands. Click below to download this report and learn social media best practices from retail brands, including:

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  • Lessons you can learn from retail brands’ social media success
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