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The Top 10 Trending Topics at DNC 2016

The Democrats have attempted to portray a unified party at the Democratic National Convention 2016, while reeling from buzz about email leaks and Bernie Sanders supporters not accepting the Hillary Clinton endorsement. Despite this, history was made when the Democrats nominated a woman to run for President of the United States.

Here are the top trends for the convention during its first two days:

Top Trends - Democratic National Convention 2016
Top Trends – Democratic National Convention 2016

From the action-packed first two days of the Democratic Convention, the top ten trending topics I’ll walk through below captured social media’s “imagination” and generated the most engagement within the #DemsinPhilly conversation.

While Hillary Clinton has been the most talked about  topic during the Convention so far, here we look at some other topics before we get to our Official Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Michelle Obama’s inspirational speech on the big opening night of the Democratic Convention stole the show. In her incredibly uplifting speech, she announced that in this election she was with Hillary Clinton. With close to 20,000 mentions at its peak hour within the #DemsinPhilly conversation, FLOTUS was the most trending topic on the first day of the convention.

Bernie Sanders was the second-most talked about topic within the #DemsinPhilly conversation on social media in the first two days of the convention.

The Senator from Vermont received over 17,000 mentions on social as he took the stage at the Democratic Convention on Monday and announced that he stood with Hillary Clinton in an effort to pull the party together. But the disappointment amongst his supporters was evident. They broke out into various chants of “ Bernie for President”, “We are so disappointed!” and “Hell no, D.N.C.! We won’t vote for Hillary!”Bernie supporters also staged a protest outside the Philadelphia City Hall marching for over three miles as the temperature soared to 95 degrees on day one of the Convention.

Mr. Sanders also received mentions  on the second day of the convention, as he asked the rules to be suspended and moved to give Hillary Clinton the party’s presidential nomination by acclamation, a move which is being called by many a strong gesture of solidarity.

The Senator was also talked about when his supporters staged a walkout on day two ( #dncwalkout #Demexit ) as Hillary Clinton officially won the Democratic nomination, angered by the nomination process they felt was rigged.

Mr. Sanders also generated buzz as social media discussed the recent email leaks (#dncleak, #dncleaks) on the evening before the Democratic Convention started. The emails suggested that the committee was deliberately trying to undermine Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign and resulted in the DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation.

Sarah Silverman, who had been a strong Bernie Sanders supporter during the primaries, took the stage to express her support for Hillary Clinton. The award-winning comedian called for harmony within the Democratic party , gathering over seven thousand mentions on social. As she got booed by Bernie Sanders supporters, her remark “Can I just say, to the Bernie or Bust people: You’re being ridiculous.” quickly became one of the night’s most high-profile comments.

Former President Bill Clinton spoke for more than forty minutes about his wife, soon after she won the nomination on the second night of the convention, walking delegates through their relationship, her public life, and her work ethic. He too captured over over seven thousand mentions on social media within the #demsinphilly conversation (however,slightly less than Sarah Silverman). He concluded that Hillary Clinton was the Best Darn Change-Maker” and that she will make us stronger together.

Elizabeth Warren’s speech at the convention on day one warned that not supporting Hillary Clinton would mean helping Donald Trump win the Presidency in 2016. She ran down a list of Trump’s flaws, questioning “what “kind of man” he was, and accusing Mr. Trump of conning, defrauding, and ripping off the working American people, generating over 6,000 mentions in its peak hour.

It was one of the most powerful moment at the Convention when “Mothers of the Movement” took the stage — mothers whose unarmed African-American children were killed by law enforcement or due to gun violence. These mothers made their case for Hillary Clinton as a reformer.


Last but not least, Hillary Clinton herself is the major trending topic of the DNC. She is the first official woman nominee for a major party in the history of United States. Mrs. Clinton is scheduled to address the convention Thursday, when she formally accepts the nomination. But after winning the nomination on Tuesday, she appeared on a large screen, remote from New York, thanking the delegates for helping her put “the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet.”


The convention is still in progress until Thursday, and there will be many more moments capturing buzz on social. We are keeping tabs on it and will keep our list updated. If you can think of any specific topic we should look into, please tweet at us and we’ll look into it.

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