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The Twitter Analytics Behind @AmericanAir’s Grounding

With tens of thousands of American Airlines passengers grounded by an issue with their reservation system, the @AmericanAir Twitter handle lit up with over 9,500 frustrated Tweets.

When a disaster like this happens, and a social media team sees an influx of activity, it can be almost impossible to keep up.

Here’s what American Airlines did to stay with the throngs of folks Tweeting at the ticket counter.

@AmericanAir Twitter Data During Grounding

During the peak hour (3PM PST), @AmericanAir was getting over 2,400 inbound Tweets, and throughout the course of the day, fired off over 1,200 of their own as they raced to keep up with the traffic.

Of the Tweets @AmericanAir responded to, almost 45% heard back in under 30 minutes. Once flights were restored, the airline continued to react on Twitter well into the night.

Where were people Tweeting?

Top Airports Tweeting American Airlines

The majority of Tweets came from Dallas, which also happens to be a hub of American Airlines’ operation.  Thousands of people were stuck in the Dallas airport all day. New York, Chicago and LA joined Dallas as the cities (or more likely, specific airports) with the most Twitter traffic.

American Airlines Top Tweets

This analysis was conducted using Simply Measured’s Twitter Account and Twitter Customer Service Reports, both of which are available as part of a free Trial.

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