The Week in Analytics: Facebook Decay, Election Day and George Takei

The Week in Analytics: Facebook Decay, Election Day and George Takei

It was a busy week for most of us. The election, Sandy relief efforts, Drunk Nate Silver and whatever was in Diane Sawyer’s red Solo cup dominated much of the social scene. With all that going on, you may have missed out on some interesting stories from the social media world.

“But Kevin, you put out such amazing and useful content at Simply Measured, do you really think that we have the capacity to process any more?”

I think you do, reader…I have faith in you. And with that, here are some interesting analytics stories that caught our eye this week:

Obama Sets New Social Media Record with 803,600 Retweets

Lets just get the election related link out of the way first. It’s no surprise that the election generated more social buzz than ever before, but it turns out that the tweet President Obama posted after his win was announced broke the Twitter record for number of retweets. Actually, it broke the Twitter record for number of retweets in under 54 minutes318,000 was the original record (also set by The President). This morning, the simple tweet of  “Four more years.” and a picture of Barack and Michelle Obama hugging has already been retweeted over 803,600 times. Click here for the full story from CNBC.

Timing Your Posts is More and More Important, Shows a Study of Reach Decay

Marketing Charts posted a study that posits a brand’s post on Facebook will decay to nearly half it’s original reach in under 30 minutes. The reach that you attain in the first 30 minutes is equal, on average, to that of the next seven hours. To put this in context, Marketingcharts.com compares the decay to an email marketing study. The data is pretty interesting, and gives some insight into how important it is to measure the success of the time of day you publish your Facebook posts.  Simply Measured’s new Facebook Fan Page report helps brand managers gain some valuable insight into when their fans are responding to their content. Read the full story on the Marketing Charts blog, and check out your Facebook Fan Page Report here.

SaaS and Cloud Computing Services Forecasted to Double Revenue Over the Next 5 Years

As a growing “Software as a Service” company, we’re not too surprised to see that the forecast for SaaS and Cloud-based is so strong. Louis Columbus breaks down the key components of the forecast on Forbes.com this week, outlining how these application services are set to grow from $13.4 billion in 2011 to $32.2 billion in 2016. Read the full article here.

Google + Growing, But Top Brands Are Engaging Less

Full disclosure: Simply Measured helped Mashable put this data together. Mashable took a look at Google’s social network on  it’s 1-year anniversary. While more and more top brands are adopting the network, less are posting to it regularly. Six months ago, 43% of top brands were posting more than 3 times a week. Today, only 33% are. Read Mashable’s full synopsis here.

Takei’s Take On EdgeRank

A lot of Facebook page managers are frustrated with the changes to the EdgeRank algorithm that has significantly decreased the reach of their posts. Celebrity Facebooker George Takei is no exception. Takei, who has almost 3 million fans on Facebook announced that he plans to write a chapter in his upcoming book about EdgeRank and his frustrations with the fact that he has lost the ability to reach fans that he’s already gained. The average post only reaches about 17% of your fans. Read the full story on AllFacebook.com.

Any big news in the social analytics world that caught your eye today? Share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below.


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