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This Week in Social: News and Analysis You Might Have Missed

A lot happened in social marketing this week. Here are some of the top stories you might have missed:

oscars2014_blogThe Oscars by the Numbers: Has American Hustle’s Heat Finally Cooled?

With the Academy Awards this Sunday, we’re taking a look at the conversation on Twitter. Have the movies dominating conversation during The Golden Globes maintained their relevance? Read More >>

HowFBWorks_BlogTargeted Facebook Ads Become Easier, Making Measurement More Valuable

Facebook has updated the way you can target users with their ad platform. Competitive and Insight analysis can help you make the most of this change. Read More >>

TNW2Twitter Passes 241 Million Monthly Active Users

Twitter continues to grow, with over half of their users and 75% of advertising revenue coming from mobile. Timeline views reached 148 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013. Read More >>


American Idol Partnerships with Google and Facebook Bolster Second Screen Experience

FOX’s hit show American Idol has brokered partnerships with both Facebook and Google that will change the way fans can interact and vote in real time. Read More >>

marketinglandTwitter Launches Promoted Accounts in Search Results

This week, Twitter announced it is expanding ad inventory for Promoted Accounts to search results. The network will automatically serve promoted accounts in relevant search results. Read More >>

airlines_onsocial_blogCustomer Service 101: How Airlines Have Used Social Media to Brave Bad Weather

This winter has been a nightmare for air travel. With massive snow and ice storms across the East Coast and Midwest, how have the airlines adapted? Read More >>


Education and Analysis

#AWP14: How Writers and Publishers are Embracing Social Media

Simply Measured writer Lucy Hitz takes a look at how a niche market with a traditional history is embracing the digital age. Read More >>

Are You Tweeting at the Wrong Time for Site Traffic?

Community Manager Jade Furubayashi conducted a two-month test of the best time to Tweet links to our blog. In this post, she shares her analysis, and how you can do the same for your site. Read More >>

How to Make Facebook’s Newest Algorithm Update Work For Your Brand

Facebook’s newest changes allow brands to interact with each other more like people. When leveraged correctly, this provides an opportunity for brands to increase their reach. Read More >>

5 Things You Can Learn About Your Blog From Social Data

In the era of content marketing, your social and blog strategies become intertwined in almost every aspect. Lucy Hitz digs into some analysis of The Simply Measured blog, and shares the things we look for. Read More >>

How to Use Instagram to Effectively Launch a Product or Business

Instagram provides a great opportunity to involve your audience in a variety of innovative ways. Guest poster Hannah Connor breaks down some different things to think about when planning your launch. Read More >>

5 Social Medial Lessons from Hotel Brands

The top hotel chains in the world are using social media and digital content in ways that can provide lessons to every brand. Take a look at how they’re leveraging audience engagement on different channels, and which ones are leading the pack. Read More >>

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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