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This Week in Social: #NFLDraftDay, Marissa Mayer, Twitter TV and More

A lot happened in social media this week. Here are some stories you might have missed:

Why TV’s Twitter Audience is More Important Than What You Might Think

Twitter released a new study this week about the impact of Tweets during primetime TV. The results are pretty impressive. Read More >>

Brand Storytelling: Why Marissa Mayer Says Tumblr is Too Good to Ignore

Last week, Marissa Mayer highlighted the creative storytelling power of Tumblr, focusing on the impact of native ads on the network. We took a look at what some of the top brands in the world are doing with the network. Read More >>

NFL Draft Day: Who Were Twitter’s Top Picks?

We took a look at the top draft prospects on Twitter to see which were the most buzzed about. Take a look at who Twitter picked. Read More >>

Twitter’s New Language Targeting: 5 Ways to Use the New Service

Twitter launched an impressive new language targeting feature this week. We broke down some of the best ways to use it. Read More >>

Facebook Debuts Video Analytics: Why it Matters to Brands

Facebook’s new video analytics offer some great insight that were previously unavailable. Read More >>

[INFOGRAPHIC] LinkedIn: The Road to 300 Million

LinkedIn just celebrated its 11th anniversary. What did it take to get there? Read More >>

#AmazonCart: Twitter and Amazon Partner for Social Commerce

Amazon and Twitter have partnered to bring commerce to social conversations. Read More >>

How Austin Mahone Stole the iHeartRadio Instagram Award

Austin Mahone beat some big names with big audiences for the iHeartRadio Instagram awards. So what did he do? Read More >>

Education and Analysis

[GUIDE] Beyond Reach: The Critical Facebook Metrics You Should Measure

On Facebook, reach is becoming harder and harder to use in a valuable and meaningful way. This guide identifies the other metrics you should be focused on. Read More >>

5 Signs You Need to Step Up Your Social Media Reporting Game

Ron Schott, Director of Professional Services lays out a few ways you know that you need a new reporting and analytics service. Read More >>

Setting Social Media Goals: If its Not Painful, You’re Not Doing it Right

Social Media goal setting gets brushed aside at some companies, but as a community manager, you have an amazing opportunity to step up to the plate and make your mark. Read More >>

8 Tips for Facebook Ads From the Pros

Facebook ads can get complex if you don’t know what you’re doing. We asked the pros for some tips to share. Read More >>

Creating a Company of Social Advocates: How to Get Your Employees to Share Your Content

Having your employees share your blog and social content is a great way to create a culture of advocacy, but also add to virality. Read More >>

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