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This Week in Social: The Billboard Awards, Top Brands on Instagram, and More

A lot happened in social media this week. Here are some stories you might have missed:

Top Brands on Instagram Grow Follower Base by 166%

In the last year, the top brands in the world have continued to see monumental success on Instagram. What have they been up to? We took a look to find out. Read More >>

Which Billboard Nominee is the Top Artist on Twitter?

The Billboard Awards take place tonight, and our community manager Jade Furubayashi took a look at the Top Artist nominees on Twitter. Can the network predict a winner? Read More >>

Simply Measured Inducted into Gnip’s Plugged In Program

Gnip announced the inclusion of Simply Measured in the Plugged In to Gnip Partner Program, an initiative designed to recognize industry leaders that are committed to building their solutions on reliable, sustainable, and complete access to social data. Read  More >>

How Mercedes-Benz Averages 21,318 Likes and Comments Per Post on Instagram

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most successful brands in the world to use Instagram. What are they doing differently to win? It’s not just their luxury product. They’re outperforming other luxury car makers on the network as well. Read More >>

9 Rappers Winning on Twitter Right Now

What good would the mountain of social data we’re sitting on be if we didn’t have fun with it every now and then? Lucy Hitz takes a look at nine of the most successful rappers on Twitter, and what brands can learn from them. Read More >>

Analysis and Education

The Social Media Marketing Hero’s Cycle: Building Content for the Buyer’s Journey

Content marketing is built on a foundation with two components: Storytelling, and selling. They can’t live exclusively. In this guide, we break down the ways they can work in unison. Read More >>

What Makes the Perfect Social Image: An Interview With Our Design Team

Our team of designers put together visuals for social content every single day. Here, they talk about the different elements that make an image work on social media. Read More >>

My Community Management Morning Ritual

Starting your day with a productive routine can ensure that you’re prepared for success. Jade Furubayashi breaks down what she does to start her day as a community manager. Read More >>

Excel Functions Every Community Manager Should Know: Even if Excel Terrifies You

Excel can be a powerful tool, but there’s a lot to learn. In our newest guide, our team of analysts share their favorite Excel functions, and how anyone can use them. Read More >>

Making the Case for Unified Digital Reporting

Our director of professional services, Ron Schott, talks about the key reasons every brand should focus on cohesive reporting. Read More >>

5 Steps for Evaluating a Social Media Analytics and Reporting Platform

Kelly Mills shares some key steps for evaluating your social tools. Read More >>

A/B Test: Why You Need Photos in Your Tweets

Tweets perform better with photos. But how much better? By conducting this simple A/B test, you can find out how successful they are on your own account. Read More >>

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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