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This Week in Social: The State of Community Management, The Clippers Crisis, and More

A lot happened in social this week. Here’s some news and analysis that you might have missed:

Report: The State of Community Management in 2014

The Community Roundtable published their 2014 Community Management Report. Simply Measured CM Jade Furubayashi shares her key takeaways, and the full report. Read More >>

Brands Break Ties with The Clippers: The Social Benefit of Corporate Responsibility

After the comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the NBA took swift action, but several large advertising partners took action even quicker. We take a look at the different ways three of these brands responded, and how it impacted their social reputation. Read More >>

Instagram’s Sweet Spot: Better for Brands Than Facebook or Twitter?

While the benefit of marketing on Facebook or Twitter is undeniable, a new study by Forrester finds that Instagram has a very unique benefit as well. Read More >>

A Complete History of Facebook Ads…So Far

Facebook’s advertising platform has fundamentally changed how we interact on the network, but the changes can be hard to keep up with. Our own Lucy Hitz walks through a decade of Facebook changes that have impacted your business. Read More >>

Instagram Quietly Testing Video Ads: Will They Be Successful?

A few select brands are testing Instagram’s video ads. Are they finding success with this new tactic? Read More >>

“I’d Rather Be the Bad Guy in a Good Story Than the Good Guy in a Bad Story”: An Interview with Aviel Ginzburg

Simply Measured CPO and co-founder Aviel Ginzburg is a finalist for Geekwire’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Lucy Hitz sat down with him, as well as his longtime friends and co-workers to find out what makes him tick, and why he never wears shoes. Read More >>

Education and Analysis

[EBOOK] The Complete Guide to Analytics on Facebook

Simply Measured’s second eBook The Complete Guide to Analytics on Facebook takes you from basic definitions to advanced analysis. To learn how Facebook analysis can strengthen your social programs, download a free copy today. Read More >>

[WEBINAR] Beyond Reach: Measuring the Metrics that Matter

Miss our Facebook webinar this week? Check out the full recording, as well as the presentation deck and answers to every question of our expert panel asked during the Q&A. Read More >>

Learning from Luxury: Lifestyle Marketing on Social Media

Luxury brands have some of the most creative, enticing, and successful social media campaigns around. Lucy Hitz breaks down how this industry uses hashtags to reach a large audience, and what your brand – luxury or not – can learn from them. Read More >>


Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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