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This Week in Social: Top Case Studies, News, and How To Guides

A lot happened in social media this week. Here are some stories you might have missed:

In the News:

Analyzing 157,000 #AmazonCart Tweets

Amazon and Twitter partnered to create an easy path from conversation and social media to commerce and shopping carts. But is it taking hold? Read More >>

Case Studies:

Lessons from Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy

Coca-Cola has a massive social audience, disbursed across several social networks. To reach them all while maintaining a cohesive message can be a challenge. So how do they do it? Cohesive campaigns and creative content. Read More >>

Target on Social Media: How the Retail Giant Markets to 138M

Target is a social media powerhouse, even during times of crisis. The retail chain is very strategic about their social presence. Lucy Hitz gives you the details here. Read More >>

10 Top Fast Food Brands on Facebook

Fast food brands are getting a collective reputation for strong social engagement strategies and clever content. But who’s the best? Who’s winning the engagement game? Our community manager Jade Furubayashi breaks it down. Read More >>

Education and Analysis:

Social Espionage: gathering Intelligence on Your Competition

Understanding your competition on social can give you a huge leg up. You’ll understand their focus and initiatives, but also see what’s working that you can mimic. Read More >>

How to Measure Your Twitter Influence in 3 Easy Metrics

Measuring influence can be time consuming and mentally taxing. For a bare bones lesson on the basic metrics to focus on, Lucy Hitz has you covered. Read More >>

How Do You Excel? An Interview with Analyst Alex Snider

As part of our ongoing Excel series, social media analyst Alex Snider breaks down his favorite Excel function, and how to use it. Read More >>

6 Data-Driven Answers to Your Boss’s Biggest Twitter Questions

Your boss has questions about Twitter, and you need to be prepared for them. How do you answer these types of queries? With data. Read More >>

Do You Have a Social Crisis Strategy? Prepping Your Biz for a Blunder

Social crisis is a common thing these days. It seems everywhere you look, another brand has a gaffe on Twitter or Facebook. So is your team ready? Read More >>

[SURVEY] Social Media Reporting: How Do You Spend Your Time?

Simply Measured is conducting a survey on how top marketers spend their reporting time. Take a few minutes to be a part of this report. Read More>>

What to Do When Your Competitors Analyze Your Social Data

Competitive analysis is important, but what do you do to mitigate the damage of your competitors performing their own regular audits of YOUR accounts? Birdie Proske breaks it down. Read More >>

How Social Media Can Fuel R+D for Little to No Money

Companies spend millions on research and development. Focus groups, consumer testing, etc. But some of this leg work can be done for free using social media. Guest poster Michael Sgambati breaks it down. Read More >>

How to Measure Your Instagram Influence in 3 Easy Steps

Influence on Instagram can be a tricky thing to pin down. Lucy Hitz gives some pointers for basic influence analysis on the photo-sharing network. Read More >>


Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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