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Too Much Good Stuff: How AMPM Uses Simply Measured To Bring It All Together

AMPM LogoWith over 950 locations, AMPM has become one of the most recognizable brands in the Western US. And for good reason; where else can you get a hot dog, a bag of Twizzlers, a Red Bull, and a breakfast sandwich all in one aisle?

AMPM has built a brand on convenience, accessibility, and a strong understanding of the market. These same principles are apparent in the social strategy put forth by AMPM’s digital agency M80.

Their Challenge

“We operate on almost every network,” says Stephanie Noble, Director of Account Management for M80. “Twitter, Google+, Vine, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr…you name it, we’re there.”

Operating on so many networks, with promotions and campaigns involving the products they carry, brands they work with, and their own branding efforts, AMPM has a lot of networks and data sources to manage.

On top of that, AMPM faces a challenge that isn’t unique to them: The bulk of their business isn’t done online. How do you create and measure digital campaigns that drive awareness and business for a chain of brick-and-mortor storefronts?

“A lot of other tools focus on listening and monitoring, and only on a few specific channels,” says Noble. “We don’t need that as much as we do measurement and reporting across all of our networks.”

The Answer

Simply Measured brings together nine major social networks, and ties in data from Google Analytics to give digital marketers a comprehensive look at their social activity.

“We’re able to track all of our network activity with Simply Measured,” says Noble. “Of all our audiences, we use Simply Measured to say which are the most engaged, where we should allocate time, and what to focus on.”

AMPM and M80 use Simply Measured to track their network activity all in one place.

“We track memes and Vines on Twitter, keywords like ‘too much good stuff’, engagement on Facebook campaigns, YouTube videos. We need a tool that can keep up with that,” says Noble. “When Instagram launched video, we used the function the first day. Simply Measured immediately had video included in the report, so we could see how it was performing.”

Why Does Simply Measured Work for AMPM?

1. Easy to Customize: Simply Measured offers beautiful out-of-the-box presentation ready reports, but AMPM has a wide variety of campaigns being driven by various arms of the business, so M80 needs the ability to customize their reports, data, and analysis. This is where Simply Measured’s Excel framework shines.

“There doesn’t need to be a strong command of boolean code to customize the data within these reports,” says Noble. “We don’t control the whole share of AMPM’s voice, so there are times we need to include various components or omit others. The ability to dig into these reports to filter out the noise and focus on one specific aspect gives us the ability to quickly and flexibly measure how AMPM posts perform, and adjust our strategy accordingly.”

2. Easy to Analyze: Simply Measured far and away the reporting leader for breadth of coverage.

Not only does the system offer reporting for nine social networks, they’re certified by Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. An honor that no other social analytics service can claim.

“A lot of our campaigns are focused on niche networks that other services aren’t capturing,” says Noble. “With Simply Measured, we’re able to measure the performance of anything from memes to Vine videos and Instagram photos. We use Instagram as a testing ground for our Twitter content, but we’ve also learned that with Simply Measured, we’re able to focus on where we’re dedicating resources. When we increase the time we spend on Instagram by 25%, we see a 4% increase in Facebook activity. These are types of things we can only determine by having these networks all in one place.”

3. Easy to Use: Simply Measured’s system is chock full of functional components that help make analysis and reporting easier than ever.

“With the alerts and scheduled reports, we can go back into Simply Measured to see how specific content, keywords, and channels are performing. It makes things really easy to organize,” says Noble. “We also love the new theming options. Aesthetically, the reports are great, and the added color customization makes them very easy to share.”

4. Easy to Monitor: Not only does Simply Measured allow users to measure activity across their social profiles, it also makes monitoring keywords across channels easier than ever.

“Sometimes we’ll partner with CPG to promote new flavors or products,” says Noble. “Whether it’s Red Bull, Twizzler, Red Vine, etc., we’re able to track that progress across the major social networks. We also tag posts and conduct listening campaigns for our key company terms.”

5. Easy to Dive In: While Simply Measured is focused on making reporting as easy as possible, that focus doesn’t take away from the in-depth capability of the software.

“The customer service insight is great,” says Noble. “I’ve seen a lot of press and analysis on the airline industry, and while customer service isn’t as crucial for AMPM, we still make it a focus. It’s great to know that we’re responding when we need to, and letting people know that we’re willing to go above and beyond to make them happy.”

Last quarter, AMPM’s response rate to FB comments was over 69%.

“On top of that, the account managers we work with at Simply Measured are great,” says Noble. “Kristin Eide has been so helpful and is always a pleasure to work with.”

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Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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