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Top 10 Halloween Costumes on Twitter

If you’re excited about Halloween, you’re not alone. In October, there have already been more than 8 million Halloween related Tweets, and that number is growing each day as we near the holiday of costumes and candy.

When it comes to the most popular costumes, they’re often the ones that put a creative spin on recent events. To find this year’s most popular costume ideas, we tracked Tweets for some of the top 2013 pop culture references being mentioned along with Halloween.

pop culture pic 2

Whether you want to find a Miley Cyrus to match your Robin Thicke, or just want to avoid looking like everyone else, these top costumes might help you figure out what to wear.

Halloween costume daily trend v2

One thing’s for sure, if you haven’t started planning your costume yet, you’re behind the curve. People have been discussing Halloween costume ideas on Twitter since September.

Volume has steadily increased since late September. In the last couple weeks, there have been more than 30k Tweets per day.

Top Costumes

Here’s how the most popular Halloween costumes stack up on Twitter.

Top Costumes v3

No. 1 – Miley Cyrus (36k mentions)

There will be a ton of people in Miley Cyrus costumes wandering the streets this year. There might also be a ton of tiny wrecking balls. This wrecking ball pug caught the attention of E! Online, and other mainstream news outlets, is a contender to win Petco’s Halloween photo contest, and has been mentioned in more than 1k Tweets so far.


No. 2 – Breaking Bad (5,500+ Tweets)

Break out your hazmat suit. The series finale of Breaking Bad is still fresh in our minds.

breaking bad

No. 3 – Obama (3,800+ Tweets)

Between petitions to get Obama to dress up for Halloween and scary Obamacare jokes, Obama ranks third for most talked about figures this Halloween season.


No. 4 – Robin Thicke (3,800+ Tweets)

Like it or not, it’s the couples’ costume of the season.

robin thicke


No. 5 – The Fox Ylvis (3,200+ Tweets)

The Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis took YouTube by storm just months ago, and many impersonators are planning to take to the streets on Hallows Eve.

the fox

No. 6 – Duck Dynasty (2,100+ Tweets)

Beards are in this year. Need I say more?

duck dynasty

No. 7 – 50 Shades of Grey (2,100+ Tweets)

Your local hardware store may be missing its 50 shades of grey.

50 shades

No. 8 – Congress (1,600+ Tweets)

While it might be the subject of more jokes than actual costume ideas, expect people to get creative with this one.


No. 9 – Sharknado (1,100+ Tweets)

I still don’t get this one. Enough said.


No. 10 – Gravity (1,100+ Tweets)

Gravity continues to be a big hit at the box office, so expect to see astronauts (and space puppies).



So what are you planning for Halloween? Are you going to join the masses, or get creative?

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