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Top Tweets from the Week: Brands Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Pi Day, March Madness and More

This year, more than ever, we’ve seen brands capitalizing on current events and trends. This week on Twitter provided plenty of opportunities. We saw a lot of brands getting into the spirit of St. Patty’s Day, March Madness, and, of course, Pi Day, but these Tweets from the Week were our favorites.


With St. Patty’s day coming up, brands are putting the finishing touches on their Monday campaigns. However, Arby’s beats them to the punch by turning the day into a weekend celebration with BOGO sandwiches. Not too shabby.



Lots of brands celebrated Pi Day, but Dos Equis really nailed it. By featuring their “Most Interesting Man in the World,” Dos Equis found a way to perfectly blend their brand with the holiday.


This week, basketball was a hot topic (okay let’s face it…all month it will be a hot topic). With Selection Sunday and March Madness on the horizon, Wendy’s promoting the Wooden Awards is a no brainer. Great cause, great graphic, great branding.



The Community Managers at Applebees get two-thumbs up for this one (even though Rebecca Black jokes are so 2011).

What other great brand Tweets did you see this week?

Jade Furubayashi

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