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Top Tweets From the Week: Brands Pick Between Valentine’s Day & House of Cards

On Friday, brands had a choice to make; either get in on the conversation around the much anticipated Season 2 of House of Cards, or hijack the buzz around the beloved Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day was a safe choice, and some brands did it brilliantly. House of Cards was definitely an edgier topic to jump on, and some saw that pay off as well. Others hit a grand slam by combining the two. Whether you’re a fan of candy hearts or Kevin Spacey, be sure to check out these Top Tweets from the Week.


Picking to promote House of Cards is a bold move. At 12pm on the day of the release, odds are many fans hadn’t seen the show yet. However, brands like LG decided to catch the pre-viewing buzz, instead of getting lost in the noise after the fact.



Oreo is my social media crush, and this is precisely why. They took on the very difficult task of blending the House of Cards release & Valentine’s Day, but ended up, of course, pulling it off in brilliant fashion.


Pretty sure that Carlsberg & Netflix were banking on the same thing here. Valentine’s Day can be polarizing and this Tweet certainly appealed to the folks riding solo Friday night.



One thing we didn’t see a lot of this Valentine’s Day was video. Surprisingly, lots of brands opted out making flirty videos for their fans. However, Intel decided to up the ante by putting this clever clip together. Well done guys!

… Honorable Mention: @UW

I had to give my alma mater a shoutout. Who doesn’t love puppy kisses from the cutest mascot around? Go Dawgs!

Check back next week for more tweets from the week!

Jade Furubayashi

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