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Top Tweets From the Week: Brands Play Into #Olympics2014

As they recognize the power of a simple and well-timed message, brand marketers are constantly trying to up the ante with their tweets. Whether they’re hijacking a recent event or coming up with a killer caption, brands are constantly working to keep your feed clean and clever. So in our weekly “Top Tweets From the Week,” we’ll be calling out the most memorable brand tweets we saw.

This week, the Olympics are all Twitter was talking about it. We even released an infographic to help you find the best conversations to follow. How are brands newsjacking the Olympics feeds? Check out our standouts below.


Out of all the Olympic related tweets from the week, this is my personal favorite. VISA cheered on Team USA with this image right before the festivities began.


Pizza Hut’s “Go for the gold” tweet is a fantastic way to blend the Olympics, Team USA, and their product. With a URL directing to their delivery menu, Pizza Hut is sure to snag a couple people watching the games from their couch.



Now, I know “The White House” isn’t technically a “brand.” But, their digital marketing team is one of the best (check out our recent post about what brands can learn from Obama’s social team). Anyway, a Vine of President Obama wishing Team USA good luck? What could be better!?


McDonald’s took a clever approach by poking slight fun at Team USA’s Opening Ceremony attire / ugly christmas party. Kudos for the sense of humor, McD’s.

… Honorable Mention: @Seahawks

I know this has nothing to do with the Olympics. But what kind of life-long Seattelite would I be if I didn’t throw a little Super Bowl champ love out there?

Check back next week for more tweets from the week!

Jade Furubayashi

My name is Jade and I'm the Social Media Manager for Simply Measured. We can find common ground in Beyoncé and Chipotle burrito bowls.

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