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True Twitter Impressions and URL Clicks: New from Simply Measured

Simply Measured has partnered with GNIP – Twitter’s Enterprise API Platform – to gain access to a deeper level of Twitter data for owned profile measurement, and today we’re excited to bring this access to our customers for the first time.

True Twitter Impressions and URL Clicks: New from Simply Measured

Twitter first announced the Engagement API at the Flight Conference as a part of new GNIP Insights APIs. As a Twitter Official Partner, Simply Measured identified the need from customers and has been testing with the Twitter Data team for the past several weeks.

Today is Simply Measured’s first release of new data points, exposing actual impressions and URL clicks for Tweets from owned Twitter profiles. This data is available today for all 1000+ Simply Measured customers.

Simply Measured’s speed to market with the new Engagement API data is a huge step towards helping companies improve their content strategies on Twitter. It is especially exciting that all of their customers will be able to take advantage of these new insights.

Greg Lyon, Twitter Product Manager

Previously, Simply Measured estimated “Potential Impressions” based on # of followers and Tweets. The Twitter Account Report would also automatically integrate click data if a Bitly link was included in the Tweet.

Previous Version

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 3.46.09 PMToday, a new version of the report will replace “Potential Impressions” with “Impressions”, and “Bitly Clicks” with “URL Clicks”

Updated Version with Engagement API MetricsScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 3.46.36 PM

Activation Instructions

To activate, users must authenticate their owned Twitter accounts in Simply Measured by following the instructions provided on our Help Section.

This is only the beginning! Keep an eye out for more Engagement API Metrics in coming months.

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