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Trump vs. Clinton: The Mood on Social Before the Final Debate

This year’s presidential debates have been setting social media records. The second debate toppled the first presidential debate as the most tweeted debate ever, with over 17 million people tweeting about the face-off between the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.  

There are only about three weeks left before Election Day, and the third and final debate is scheduled for tonight. We analyzed social media’s mood towards the candidates.Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 8.52.56 AMThe primary mood towards both candidates is confusion. While confusion towards Donald Trump has risen since the first debate, it has declined slightly for Hillary Clinton.

Love/Affection towards Hillary Clinton has increased since the first debate, too, while it has declined by 270 points for Mr. Trump.

Since the first debate, many issues have surfaced for the candidates. Both candidates have utilized social platforms, especially Twitter, to clarify their stands and to reach out to their supporters throughout their election campaign and on the debate days.

Here is how both candidates’ Twitter activity looked on the debate days. Donald Trump has posted almost 3X more than Hillary Clinton on both the debate days.Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.35.22 PMHowever, the post that generated the most engagement came from Hillary Clinton on Sept 26th, the day of the first debate.

Among Trump’s posts from debate days, his post about Hillary Clinton’s emails, on Sept 26th, received the most engagement:

Celebrities have also used their social media platforms to weigh in on this election. Katy Perry has been the most influential celebrity to comment about the debates so far. She posted a Tweet supporting Hillary Clinton on the day of the second debate.

She also retweeted a post by Jon Lovett about Donald Trump on the day after the second debate.

We saw in our earlier post about the last debate that Donald Trump received much higher engagement on Twitter, as compared with Hillary Clinton. As the third and final Presidential debate gets underway tonight, we will be tracking which candidate commands a higher share of engagement, which of their posts resonate with their followers on Twitter, and how social media’s mood evolves around both of them.

We will keep posting these updates as they happen.

If you are interested in any of the data above, please reach out to us on Twitter.

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