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Tumblr Promoted Posts and Yahoo Ads: What You Could Be Missing

We all have regrets. I lost a decade to the dying newspaper industry, never bought Apple stock, and didn’t ask Amber to Homecoming freshman year.

If you’re a social media marketer, don’t let Tumblr be one of those regrets.

The network announced last week that Tumblr promoted posts would be included in the Yahoo Ads Marketplace, Gemini. This is a huge value proposition for the sleeping giant of social marketing. Lets take a look at a few reasons this should matter to you.

Comparing Apples to Apples

We’ve seen this story before. When Google+ added +Post ads to it’s ad platform late last year, and incorporated with the Google Ad network, posts saw a 3402% increase in shares. This is an impressive jump. Toyota USA, who flagshipped the +Posts launch saw some impressive success.


Doubling Down on Success

The average sponsored post on Tumblr is reblogged more than 10,000 times. This was before Tumblr promoted content was added to the Tumblr Ads network last week, which will only increase that average.

Why so many shares? Tumblr is a unique network. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo has stressed time and time again that it’s a network built for storytelling. This is a major component of their ad approval process, and how brands have found success in the past.

Take Sprite for example, whose “Spin the Bottle” post was the most engaging from our Tumblr study last year. Their content, like many successful brands, isn’t focused on promoting a product, driving sales, or click-through to their website. It’s about brand awareness through creative story telling.

Lexus, who AdAge reports is one of the early adopters of the new Tumblr Ads system, is another example.
Screenshot 2014-06-25 09.48.56Lexus’s Tumblr blog “The Signal” is anything but promotional. The Signal is a fashion blog that you wouldn’t even know was created by Lexus if it weren’t for a footnote and a few quick flashes in .GIF images of cars. The subtitle of the page is “How do you make a statement without saying a word?” which is a clever allusion to their lack of branding, but also plays to the strengths of Tumblr as a network. The blog won the 2014 Shorty Industry Award for Best Tumblr Campaign.

Tide, Lipton, and Hunger Games are among the other brands that have already signed up for the new ad offering.

Longevity is Key

Tumblr’s most attractive and unique feature, in addition to the creative storytelling focus, is the ability to provide an organic longevity to posts that other networks don’t offer.

Screenshot 2014-06-25 09.58.2029% of reblogs on a branded Tumblr post takes place after 30 days. This is a strong reason for content creators to spend more time focusing on the network. In an ecosystem where posts, photos, and videos tend to go in one ear and out the other, this allows a quality, funny, or clever post to live on much longer than it would elsewhere.

Are you using Tumblr to tell creative stories to your social audience? It may be time to start. Whether you’re new to the network, or have been using it for years, be sure to measure and analyze your performance. The key to success is understanding. Simply Measured’s Tumblr analytics are a great way to gain that understanding. For a free trial of the entire software package, including 9 major social networks and earned media measurement, click the button below.

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Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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