[STUDY] Why Are Top Brands Being Drawn to Tumblr?

[STUDY] Why Are Top Brands Being Drawn to Tumblr?

More and more big brands are bringing Tumblr into their digital marketing mix. But what is it about the network that’s attracting them?

While some still don’t understand the full value of using Tumblr, our Digital Marketing Analyst Nate Smitha found that 31% of the top 100 brands in the world are using Tumblr, and finding success. Using our certified Tumblr Analytics, Smitha found that the reason brands are seeing success with Tumblr is simple: Longevity. While the bulk of engagement on Facebook or Twitter takes place almost immediately, Tumblr has a different story.

Study Findings:

“On average, 29% of reblogs on Tumblr happen AFTER 30 days.”___

“Original content drives 89% of engagement for top brands on Tumblr.”___

“Photos account for 98% of engagement for top brands on Tumblr”___


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