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Tumblr Teaming Up With TV? Why Social Marketers Should Take Note

For a long time (in social media terms), Twitter and Facebook have been the go-to channels for TV-related conversation and promotion. But the times are changing. People are now adapting new ways to watch TV. People consume TV shows on their own time, whether that be through streaming services, via DVR, OnDemand, etc.

Although consumers still flock to Twitter and Facebook for real-time conversation, Tumblr’s position in the new TV-landscape is quickly expanding. Tumblr has already partnered with a variety of TV shows and films, such as The Voice, Halt and Catch Fire, and Sherlock.

Facebook and Twitter are very immediate, but Tumblr is something they sort of take in and then create something about the show at times other than when the show is happening.

– Audrey Morrissey, executive producer of The Voice

It turns out, TV networks are interested in Tumblr for a lot of the same reasons you should be as a brand marketer. Lets take a look:

Tumblr’s Reblog Longevity

Our most recent Tumblr study revealed that Tumblr posts have incredible longevity. The life-span of a post on Tumblr is much longer than that on Facebook or Twitter. Tumblr, being a complex content network, draws particularly dedicated fans. This is an advantage at a time when audiences consume media on their own schedule. As people continue to tune into their TV shows at odd hours, they’re able to dive into a thriving and expansive conversation without feeling out of the loop or late to the party.

Tumblr’s 24% Growth Rate

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According to the New York Times and eMarketer, Tumblr is growing faster than any other social networks. Although their audience is still small in comparison to Instagram or Pinterest, up-and-coming shows want to host their conversations on the up and coming network.

Tumblr’s Popularity

Tumblr is a content-rich and complex social network, which can be daunting for an older generation of social media users. For TV shows, movies and entertainment, Tumblr is a demographic gold-mine. Just ask MTV. The network has seen incredible success on the social blogging platform.
In a study of four MTV shows (which skew largely to that 18-29 demographic), MTV found that Twitter led the charge during the initial broadcast, but Tumblr’s young audience kept conversation alive for multiple days after the fact.

Despite scrutiny about its financials, adoption, and traffic, Tumblr continues to prove that it’s a viable contender for the best second-screen engagement platform. Tumblr is a network for young, passionate and dedicated fans — something all TV networks or movie studios should seek out. Tumblr is a “very interesting piece of the puzzle” that we can count on seeing more and more of going forward.

Jade Furubayashi

My name is Jade and I'm the Social Media Manager for Simply Measured. We can find common ground in Beyoncé and Chipotle burrito bowls.

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