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Tweets from the Week: Brands Cover the NBA Playoffs

As the NBA playoffs kick off, the opportunity for brands – sports related or not – is ripe this week. In honor of hoop stars everywhere, here are this week’s Tweets of the Week:


Oh, it’s on. This is a great idea to kick off the tournament chatter on Twitter. NBA drives home the #NBAPlayoff hashtag and revs up their audience’s excitement.


Another great idea from ESPN! ESPN creates this cool graphic, tapping into the 3-peat that’s at the top of every basketball fan’s mind, and goes for the bold move of Tweeting it directly to the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat didn’t RT them, but 5,000+ other people did.


There’s no better way to celebrate the present than by throwing it back to the past! SportsCenter knows that their audience will appreciate the revival of a historic NBA playoff moment, so they throw it back to the king – Mr. Jumpman himself!


I think this is a really cool idea. As a fan of data, I’m always interested in the WHY rather than the WHAT. SB Nation breaks down why the Pacers can’t seem to guard The Hawk’s offense. Granted, the execution from SB Nation could’ve been a little bit more finessed, but they’re doing it quickly, on the fly and on a budget. Well done guys!

Honorable mention…


I love it when the players get in on the action. Reggie Miller, that cut is fresh. BRING IT BACK!

Jade Furubayashi

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