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Tweets from the Week: Brands Tee-Off at the Masters

Sunday at Augusta… Golf’s biggest stage… Right? Okay, you got me. Truthfully, I don’t know that much about golf. I’ve seen Happy Gilmore, I know the green jacket is a big deal, and grew up watching my dad watch Tiger. But, this year’s Masters has changed my tune. Brands and fans alike have flocked to social media, making it virtually inescapable for someone like me. The buzz this event gets is truly impressive. Which brands have embraced it the most? Check out our Tweets from the Week!


When it comes to the Masters, the audience is engaged and attentive on social media, so it’s just a matter of getting them excited. Team Callaway does a great job at hyping their audience up with this Tweet.


Throughout the Masters, the spotlight has been on Rory Mcilroy, and all brands want a piece. However, Nike has been putting a full court press on one of their sponsored golfers, Rory Mcilroy. But, Nike cuts through the noise with this behind-the-scenes shot of Mcilroy practicing and sprinkle it with Nike’s special sauce- an inspiration spin.


Before the Masters, there was a lot of chatter about Jason Day. He was a top contender, but also a liability coming in with an injured thumb. Adidas noticed and decided to give Jason Day fans a little bit of love. By breaking down some stats, some history and some wardrobe choices, Adidas was able to whip up this strong and simple graphic. Oh, also – how cool is this?


These are the moments that make sports special. Maybe I’m just a softie, but I think this is the cutest thing ever, and so do 80-something other people on Twitter. PING captured this gem of a moment perfectly, and definitely stuck out heads above the rest.


This is my favorite out of the bunch. After seeing Charlie Kautz of Taylor Made speak at SMMW14, I was excited to see what he was going to do for golf’s biggest stage. Well, what he did was pretty genius. Seriously, who doesn’t like swag? Instead of keeping all their Master’s swag, Taylor Made decided to give it away. It’s a simple, but brilliant, way to get your audience engaged and excited. All it took was some swag, little bit of arranging, and an Instagram filter. Voilà!

Honorable mention…


Basically everything I learned about golf, I learned from Happy Gilmore. Well done, Sports Nation, well done.

Have you seen any other great Tweets about the Masters?

Jade Furubayashi

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